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CTC Media Sells Russian Television Stations to Billionaire Usmanov

Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov and his business partner Ivan Tavrin will take control of 4 radio stations after a law restricting unfamiliar appearance in Russian media forced their owners to sell on a cheap.

Russia’s largest non-state broadcaster, CTC Media, announced on Friday it would sell a infancy interest in a user of a free-to-air radio channels for $200 million and $55 million from a handling company’s money reserves.

The agreement follows legislation upheld final year that boundary unfamiliar tenure of Russian media companies to 20 percent from Feb. 1, 2017. The media law came in a arise of Russia’s cast of Crimea and was widely seen as a apparatus to boost Kremlin control over a media.

By forcing CTC Media, a U.S.-based association founded by an American in 1989, to intermix a stake, a law combined a discount event for a buyer: Before a legislation was mooted final year, CTC Media’s shares traded around $10 on New York’s NASDAQ batch exchange. On Friday they were during around $1.9, valuing a association during $295 million.

The agreement announced on Friday will send a 75 percent share of CTC Media’s handling business to UTH, a media holding owned by Usmanov and his longtime business partner Tavrin. A after share emanate will boost UTH’s interest to 80 percent, according to a matter on a company’s website. The understanding is approaching to tighten in December.

CTC Media — that controls Russian party radio channels CTC, Domashny, Peretz and CTC Love, as good as Channel 31 in Kazakhstan — was founded in 1989 by U.S. businessman Peter Gerwe, who fended off a antagonistic takeover try from former oligarch Vladimir Gusinsky to build a media sovereignty that reported revenues of $711 million final year.

The channels will boost a media land of Usmanov, who already controls Russia’s many renouned amicable media website, VKontakte, and a purchase of newspapers, magazines and a radio hire by a Kommersant edition house. UTH owns radio hire Channel U and a 49 percent interest in The Disney Channel in Russia.

Like all of Russia’s business magnates, Usmanov — value some-more than $13 billion according to Forbes repository — has clever ties to a Kremlin.

Werner Klatten, a house member during CTC Media, was quoted in Friday’s matter as observant a law forcing a sale of CTC’s handling resources was “unfortunate,” though that “we trust that UTH will be a good new owners of a business.”

Sweden’s Modern Times Group, that owns 38 percent of CTC Media, has already authorized a deal, a matter said.

Another minority shareholder, Telcrest, will not take partial in a sale. The company, that has a 25 percent interest in CTC Media, is corroborated by Bank Rossiya and billionaire Yury Kovalchuk — both of whom were targeted by U.S. sanctions imposed final year over a Ukraine crisis.

CTC is not a initial unfamiliar association forced to lift behind from Russia by a media tenure law. Axel Springer, a German publisher of Forbes and OK! in Russia, and Edipresse, a Swiss organisation that released a magazines Mother and Baby, Landscape Design, and Atelier in Russia, announced this month they would leave a market.

Article source: http://www.themoscowtimes.com/article/535367.html