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Cubs Owners Reel After Emails of Family Patriarch Come Out

The Cubs are owned by a trust a Ricketts family controls.

Joe Ricketts, who warranted his happening as a owners and authority of brokerage TD Ameritrade, and his mother Marlene, sold $403 million of stock to financial a purchase.

Ricketts’s 4 children run a Cubs day to day. Tom Ricketts is a chairman; on a house of directors are Pete Ricketts, a Republican administrator of Nebraska; Todd Ricketts, financial authority of a Republican National Committee; and Laura Ricketts, who was a vital bundler for a presidential campaigns of Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

The Ricketts family purchased a 95 percent interest in a Cubs and Wrigley Field from a Tribune Company in 2009.

In other sports leagues, descent function has led to owners offered their franchises. Donald Sterling was forced to sell a Los Angeles Clippers of a N.B.A. after a fasten of him creation extremist comments became public. Sterling was criminialized from a joining for life.

Jerry Richardson, a owners of a N.F.L.’s Carolina Panthers, announced he would sell his group shortly after a report came out that suggested he had been indicted of intimately badgering employees and creation extremist comments.

In September, a N.B.A. fined Mark Cuban, a owners of a Dallas Mavericks, for a approach he and group officials rubbed passionate nuisance complaints.

For Joe Ricketts, this is not a initial time his domestic activities have spoiled a Cubs. He is a vital funder of regressive causes and gave $1 million to a domestic movement cabinet ancillary Donald Trump during his presidential campaign.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/02/05/sports/cubs-ricketts.html