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Date a Woman Who Travels (Or Don’t)

Last year, a viral post widespread like wildfire opposite a internet enlivening others not to date a lady who travels. The post, aptly patrician Don’t Date a Girl Who Travels, hidden that all women who have a adore of scrutiny are aimless, greedy and unstable. While we was means to describe to some of a material, we found a post to be rather unfair and bothersome.

“Don’t date a lady who travels. She is tough to please. The common dinner-movie date during a mall will siphon a life out of her. Her essence craves for new practice and adventures. She will be unimpressed with your new automobile and your costly watch. She would rather stand a stone or burst out of an aeroplane than hear we gloat about it.”

Of march people opposite a creation can describe to this. Not many people wish to date a pretended prick. However, carrying a enterprise to disentangle with mercenary aspects of multitude does not make one an fugitive vagabond.

The author continues to indicate out that women who transport extensively find problems holding down solid jobs, aren’t able of creation a good sense on family or friends and are simply wearied with informed and unchanging conversation.

Having this arrange of closed-minded opinion about holding honour in carrying a undo from a genuine star is dangerous. Of march not everybody has to be in a attribute to suffer their time abroad — in fact, many would disagree that it’s improved to transport solo than have to feel tied down to a relationship. Either choice is totally excellent — live and let live!

… You could date a lady who travels

While we find a infancy of a writer’s points to be positively disconcerting, what bothers me many about this post is a final sentence:

“And if we unintentionally tumble in adore with one, don’t we brave keep her. Let her go.”

I get it. The post is meant to be moving and dainty — satirical even. The writer’s goal is to give a thought that all women who like to see a star are extravagantly charismatic drifters, uncertain of what’s next. Sure, we can describe to this wholeheartedly (my blog name says it all!), though we also feel it’s intensely critical to give women credit for being courageous, clever and bad donkey — either they’re traversing life exclusively or in a partnership.

… But we don’t have to date a lady who travels

Regardless of attribute status, we feel it’s a avocation as women to commission one another. Whether or not a writer’s post is satirical or created from her heart, we find it to be misrepresentative and misleading. Instead of doting on a fact that women who transport are irresponsible, furious and erratic, let’s plead a fact that they’re mostly socially and financially-conscious, open minded, variable and many importantly — unique.

I’ve met women on a highway who are outgoing, though I’ve also met some who elite to keep to themselves. I’ve met women who cite to stay out all night partying, though I’ve also met ones who like to arise adult early to try each indentation and corner of a city. The list could go on and on, though a indicate is that we’re all different. To assume that all women’s ideals or lifestyles are aligned with a one described in a strange essay — or a rebuttal — is something that we have problem jacket my conduct around.

In a time when women are roving some-more mostly than ever before — be it in a attribute or singular — let’s be supportive. Date a lady who travels. Or don’t. Follow your heart, be good to one another and reason adequate trust in a star that what (or who) is meant to enter your life will find a way.

This square was creatively posted on Laura’s website, Willful and Wildhearted. To review some-more about her travels in Korea and beyond, be certain to check it out!

Article source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/laura-nalin/post_10986_b_9283678.html