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David French: I’m not using for president


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06/05/16 09:03 PM EDT

Updated 06/05/16 10:29 PM EDT

Anti-Trump conservatives didn’t get their candidate.

David French tweeted Sunday night “after most suspicion and prayer” he will not be regulating for president.

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French, a author for a National Review, was courted by members of a Never Trump throng to mountain an eccentric bid for president, giving Republicans an choice to Donald Trump.

“I gave it critical suspicion — as a flattering damn problematic lawyer, writer, and maestro — usually since we live in ancestral times,” French wrote for a National Review. “Never before have both parties unsuccessful so spectacularly, producing dual dishonest, treacherous possibilities who should be non-professional from regulating for city council, most reduction personality of a giveaway world.”

French went on to fact a ways in that he says Hillary Clinton and Trump are unreasoning liars and non-professional to be president.

He also strike RNC Chairman Reince Priebus for a critique he had for those Republicans wanting an choice to Trump on a ballot.

“Last week, Reince Priebus pronounced that those concerned in a eccentric bid were ’embarrassing themselves,'” French wrote.

“But what is some-more embarrassing? Is it doing your best to urge a republic we adore from dual people who are undeserved of a top office? Or is it regulating your God-given gifts and talents to allege a interests of a male who cares usually for himself and who rejects a really values you’ve prolonged claimed to uphold?”

Among those who touted a French candidacy were Weekly Standard editor Bill Kristol and 2012 Republican carefree Mitt Romney, who tweeted regard of French final week.

Kristol came off as carefree after French done a announcement, tweeting that “the trail is open” still for an choice to Trump.

French, a counsel and troops veteran, has been harsh in his critique of Trump during a debate season. In late May, he wrote: “Some people contend that Never Trumpers are roving their dignified high horse, self-righteously environment themselves adult as a arbiters of principle. we don’t consider so. We have a principles, yes, though we’re also pragmatists, and when we demeanour during Trump, we see a disaster in a making. And for that reason – among many others — we can't in good demur opinion for a instrument of inhabitant crisis. we sojourn Never Trump.”

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