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DC-area forecast: Morning ice charge ends, warmer a rest of a weekend with some-more showers Sunday

* Winter charge warning for Frederick County and counties west | Freezing sleet advisory south of D.C. area *

12:05 p.m. update: Winter continue advisories were authorised to finish during noon in a internal area. Temperatures are now during or above frozen from a I-95 mezzanine and to a southeast. Getting to this indicate took a small longer than expected, though from here we should see some-more warming into a afternoon, and unequivocally into a night. Roadways that were a outrageous disaster progressing are significantly improved, nonetheless untreated roads (especially driveways and parking lots) and sidewalks are approaching to sojourn sharp and dangerous for during slightest a integrate some-more hours so be unequivocally careful.

Traffic issues are easing though stay discreet of untreated spots. (Google)

The whole area should be above frozen shortly, and as remarkable temperatures are approaching to stand into a night. Daytime highs currently competence not utterly make what was forecast, though indications are we’ll still be in a 40s by late afternoon. We competence also see readings arise into a 50s before midnight. It should be mostly dry from here and by a night, nonetheless a flitting showering is possible.

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From 5:00 a.m…

A rather biased rating of a day’s weather, on a scale of 0 to 10.

3/10: Beware of icy issues in a morning, though conditions urge as we get into midday. Milder, too.


Today: Freezing sleet to rain, afterwards cloudy. Highs: 40s to nearby 50.
Tonight: Mostly cloudy. Passing shower. Lows: 47-54.
Tomorrow: Showers. Highs: Mid-50s to low 60s.

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If you’re slip-sliding around this morning, only keep in mind that we’re about to embankment this low winter for a weekend, and there’s zero utterly as heated as what we only went by in a nearby future. But if we can, we unequivocally competence wish to cruise loitering any outside transport or other activities until midday or so, generally north and west of a city. Must be out and about? Do during slightest practice additional caution.

Today (Saturday): Freezing sleet is approaching this morning, with a steadiest activity in a northern half of a area. Untreated roads and sidewalks will be hazardous. Between about morning and 10 a.m., or a small thereafter, we should see a frozen line climb from southeast to northwest by a area. Our northern and northwesternmost suburbs will knowledge a many poignant icing. Precipitation tends to unequivocally breeze down by midday, nonetheless a integrate of wandering showers competence pierce by in a afternoon. Highs should mostly strech a 40s to around 50 — some possibility higher, though a cold “wedge” is tough to entirely break. Confidence: Medium

Tonight: Winds continue to blow from a “warm” southwesterly instruction by a night out forward of a cold front. we consider many of a night ends adult dry, though there competence be a flitting showering or some spots of drizzle. Temperatures possibly stay solid from late-day readings or even arise a bit. We competence have a sincerely far-reaching operation in lows from northwest to southeast, or about mid-40s in a former to mid-50s in a latter. In other words, within a few degrees of 50. Confidence: Medium-High

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Tomorrow (Sunday): A cold front crosses a area during a day. We should see adequate comfortable southerly upsurge forward of it to get us good into a 50s, or even above 60 in spots before it passes. It won’t sleet all day though we could see a few waves of some-more strong showers, some of that could be complicated with floating winds. Behind a front, temperatures conduct downward and winds start gusting again from a northwest. We competence see a few snowflakes as flood ends nearby evening. Confidence: Medium-High

Tomorrow night: Colder atmosphere is rushing behind in overnight on winds around 10 to 15 mph from a southwest with aloft gusts. Clouds and breeze substantially assistance us from removing super cold, though mid-20s to nearby frozen is copiousness cold possibly way. Confidence: Medium

A robin on Capitol Hill. (Miki J.
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Colder-than-normal atmosphere is behind for Monday, and winds continue floating as well. We could see some clouds dawdle into a early morning. If so, object becomes some-more approaching rather fast as a front moves good off to a east. Winds are adult around 15 to 20 mph during a initial half of a day, though they solemnly lessen in a late afternoon into evening. Highs operation from a mid-30s to reduce 40s. Confidence: Medium

Tuesday is still chilly, though we start to assuage somewhat during least. Plus it’s totally transparent and reduction windy. All in all, not terrible. Highs should conduct for a mid-40s or so, that is nearby normal or somewhat cooler than is standard for this time of year. Confidence: Medium

A daily comment of a intensity for during slightest 1 in. of sleet in a subsequent week, on a 0-10 scale.

2/10 (→): Any sleet with this complement is unequivocally short-lived, and no genuine convincing risk on a setting after.

Previous updates…

6:20 a.m. update: Freezing sleet is ongoing, with a heaviest focused over a northern half of a area. Temperatures sojourn subsequent frozen here and good to a south, so a changeover to plain sleet is not nonetheless imminent. It continues to seem that many of a area will arise above frozen over a subsequent several hours. Reports are singular this early, though indications are that it is unequivocally sharp in many spots and accidents are occurring.

Temperatures as of 6:20 a.m. (NWS Electronic Data Display)

6:55 a.m. update: The winter continue advisory has been extended until noon locally. Ice accumulation adult to about 0.10 inches is probable in and around a evident area. More is approaching to a north. Roads are treacherous, greatfully don’t transport unless positively necessary.

7:30 a.m. update: Freezing sleet continues to brush opposite a region, focusing a misfortune on a northern partial of a area. We’re starting to see temperatures arise solemnly again, though we’ve got a few some-more hours of frozen sleet to go in many spots. Numerous accidents are being reported opposite a region.

Ice foresee from NWS. (Weatherbell.com)

7:45 a.m update: In serve to all a alley problems this morning, Dulles has close down runways due to icy conditions.

8:00 a.m. update: Temperatures are solemnly creeping adult this morning, though a area stays subsequent freezing. We should start saying spots arise above frozen over a subsequent hour or two, with many of a area following by late morning. Untreated surfaces sojourn dangerous. It’s value putting off skeleton if possible.

HRRR indication make-believe of rising temperatures this morning.

Note this make-believe seems a small over-eager on warming, in spots during least. That said, we should still be headed above frozen over a march of a morning many spots.

8:20 a.m. update: Accidents continue to be numerous opposite a area. While treated roads are generally doing better during this point, it’s still best to stay off a roads for another hour or two, during a least, locally. Even in a city, side roads sojourn treacherous.

8:40 a.m. update: We’re saying a bit of a peace in flood now, that is good news given that temperatures are still nearby or subsequent freezing. The bulk of a frozen sleet has already occurred, though some-more activity will pitch by in a subsequent few hours. Precipitation should tend to breeze down as we get into a midday.

Radar loop finale 8:40 a.m. (College of Dupage)

8:45 a.m. update: Metrobus has stopped use until 10:30 a.m. due to icy conditions.

8:50 a.m. update: The National Weather Service upgraded a winter continue advisory to a winter charge warning in Frederick County as good as spots west of there. This is where a heaviest accumulations of ice are happening.

9:05 a.m. update: We can supplement a middle loop of a Beltway to spots that are sealed due to ice. There have unfortunately been several fatalities reported in accidents opposite a segment this morning.

9:10 a.m. update: Temperatures continue to solemnly rise, though it’s still subsequent frozen for many of a region. We should see some-more spots circumference nearby and past 32 over a subsequent hour or two.

Temperatures as of 9:10 a.m. (NWS Electronic Data Display)

9:40 a.m. update: Cold atmosphere is mostly tough to chase around here, and currently is no different. At this indicate we are partly watchful out a finish of a flood as temperatures are indolent to get above freezing. The good news is that flood should be circuitous down over a rest of a morning. The bad news is that many transport arteries are still an nauseous mess. Stay during home a while longer if we can.

10:05 a.m. update: Radar and short-term continue displaying determine that a time with widespread flood is impending an end. The abating coverage should assistance temperatures arise a bit in serve to a delayed pierce ceiling from south winds and regard trickling in. Keep in mind that it was subsequent frozen for utterly a while before this eventuality occurred, so melting competence be slower than normal on untreated roads and sidewalks. While conditions sojourn dangerous in many of a area, things should still urge by utterly a bit as we get by a midday.

HRRR unnatural radar into early afternoon.

10:20 a.m. update: Not something we see too often. The Blue Ridge is a initial place to have winter statements canceled. The cold atmosphere mass is rather shoal now as comfortable atmosphere rides adult above it. While this is an surprising course overall, it is some-more standard in topping situations.

10:45 a.m. update: As expected, coverage of flood is shrinking as we get into midday. This should continue to be a trend ahead, nonetheless some showers sojourn behind a categorical activity and those will pass by tools of a segment over a subsequent hour or two.

11:05 a.m. update: More temperatures during frozen (32) are display adult on a map as we enter a final hour of morning, though it’s colder than approaching during this indicate overall. Having only waddled around with my dog in northwest D.C., we can demonstrate to sidewalks being totally glassy over and small or no melting during this point. Any untreated surfaces are approaching to sojourn dangerous even after we get above frozen given cold belligerent temperatures. Continue regulating additional counsel if headed out in a nearby term.

11 a.m. temperatures opposite a area. (Weather Underground)

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