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Despite tiresome traffic, mayor ‘travels’ 200 km everyday

Travelling in Bengaluru might not be reduction than an journey given a umpteen series of potholes, bewildering trade jams, slight roads and unscientific highway humps during each indentation and corner.

To supplement to a commuters woe, there are wheelies doing life-threatening drag races right in a center of a roads. Yet, a Bengaluru Mayor B N Manjunath Reddy managed to ride during slightest 200 km a day, uncover a ride bills and a ride logbook of a Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).  Mayor is no difference as his emissary Hemalatha Gopalaiah and chairpersons of a several station committees are usually following a Mayor in terms of travelling. On an average, a emissary mayor too trafficked about 4,500 km a month, suggested a documents.

The Transport Department of a BBMP raises ride bills of Mayor, his deputy, and a 12 station cabinet chairpersons twice a month. In 5 months, Rs 16.94 lakh has been claimed with an normal of Rs 3.39 lakh each month.

These intolerable revelations came out when Harish U filed an RTI focus with a BBMP in a final week of Apr about a ride expenses, bills and logbooks. Zero response for a month forced him to record a initial appeal, that compelled a Public Information Officer (PIO) to yield a information.

Harish said: “The papers showed that a Mayor trafficked about 5200 to 5300 km per month solely on Sundays and other off days. Deputy Mayor Hemalatha is no exception.” Reddy was untouched as he was travelling to Mysuru and his mobile was switched off. However, Hemalatha said, “I never trafficked so much. we use BBMP automobile usually to ride from my home to a bureau and back. we take my personal automobile to ride outward Bengaluru and never use BBMP vehicles. The BBMP ride dialect officials seem to have dissipated a funds. we will pronounce to a Mayor in this courtesy and safeguard that transformation is taken opposite a culprits.”

20 hours on road

Quite interestingly, a investigate by trade consultant Prof M N Sreehari suggested that a normal speed inside a city is usually 9 to 10 km per hour, that means that a Mayor would have been spending during slightest 20 hours usually behind a wheels.

Speaking to Deccan Herald  Sreehari said: “It is simply unfit for anyone to ride 200 km a day. It seems to be a box of fraudulent entries.”

The city trade police, however, put a normal speed in Central Business District areas during around 25 to 30 kmph during normal trade hours. In rise traffic, a speed will be around 15 to 20 kmph for cars, they said. On a outdoor ring highway (ORR), a speed could be a small higher, again depending on a trade movement.

Article source: http://www.deccanherald.com/content/551865/despite-gruelling-traffic-mayor-travels.html