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Did Tim Tebow Kneel During a National Anthem in Protest of Abortion?


Former NFL quarterback Tim Tebow knelt on a margin during a inhabitant anthem as a criticism opposite abortion.





Former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick (“former” since he is a giveaway representative now unsigned by any NFL team) is many famous among football fans — and a good many people who don’t follow football during all — as a one who kicked off a trend among NFL players in 2016 of refusing to mount to courtesy during a personification of a American inhabitant anthem before to a start of games as a form of protest:

[Kaepernick’s] physique is arrayed with eremite tattoos, including depictions of scrolls, a cross, praying hands, angels defeating demons, terms like “To God be a Glory,” “Heaven Sent,” “God will beam me,” Psalm 18:39 and Psalm 27:3.

Kaepernick motionless to possibly sojourn seated or kneel during renditions of a Star Spangled Banner in support of Black Lives Matter and to criticism military assault opposite black people.

He explains, “I am not going to mount adult to uncover honour in a dwindle for a nation that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be greedy on my partial to demeanour a other way. There are bodies in a travel and people removing paid leave and removing divided with murder.”

He vowed to continue to criticism until he feels like “[the American flag] represents what it’s ostensible to represent.”

You know what happened next, right?

Kaepernick was voted a “most disliked” actor in a NFL.

People posted videos of them blazing his jerseys.

He was called “an embarrassment” and “a traitor.”

He was blamed for a poignant dump in NFL radio ratings, with fans boycotting a NFL since of his protest. He perceived genocide threats.

Another former NFL quarterback, Tim Tebow (“former” since he is now pursing a career as a veteran baseball player), is maybe best famous for displaying his Christian faith on a gridiron, including his use of kneeling in wordless request on a field, a use that came to be famous as “Tebowing”:

During his college football career, a Heisman Trophy leader frequently wore references to Bible verses on his eye black, including a entire John 3:16 during a 2009 BCS Championship Game.

He has been outspoken about his pro-life stance, and his joining to avoidance from sex before marriage.

He has preached in churches, prisons, schools, girl groups and a welter of devout conferences.

And he is good famous for his signature pierce — dropping to one knee on a field, his conduct focussed in prayer, his arm resting on his focussed knee — famous via a universe as Tebowing.

So indeed, Colin Kaepernick and Tim Tebow are both former NFL quarterbacks who are presumably eremite and became domicile total for kneeling on football fields. Although that final aspect (the kneeling) has sparked really opposite responses from a open in any case, that disproportion is not a false one that a following meme would have viewers believe:

Tim Tebow’s pro-life position is good known, though when he knelt on a gridiron, his actions were those of private request conducted during immaterial moments surrounding a diversion — not, as Colin Kapernick’s were, a form of open criticism purposefully tied to a personification of a U.S. inhabitant anthem.

Fans may, of course, remonstrate over how these dual quarterbacks’ extracurricular displays on a football margin have been (or should have been) perceived by a open and by NFL officials, though a dual cases had poignant distinctions; they weren’t homogeneous actions that were hypocritically regarded in really opposite ways by opposite groups:

Tim Tebow and Colin Kaepernick are both famous for kneeling during football games, though in dramatically opposite contexts.

Regardless of possibly you’re some-more understanding of Kaepernick or Tebow, it’s flattering dubious to review society’s greeting to possibly actor but observant they kneeled in totally opposite contexts. If Tebow had taken to kneeling during a inhabitant anthem as a form of domestic protest, and generally as a form of criticism opposite military officers, it’s not a widen during all to contend people would have been dissapoint with him as well.

That one actor kneeled in request but a intentions of creation an sincere domestic matter while a other kneeled during a inhabitant anthem for an specifically domestic purpose is apparently an critical fact to note when examining a public’s responses to both.

Article source: https://www.snopes.com/fact-check/tim-tebow-kneel-anthem/