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Does Elon Musk have a new adore interest?

Amid his scattered attribute on/off attribute with singer Amber Heard — Elon Musk has turn friends with Tyler Haney, a ultrahip owner and CEO of athletic-apparel startup Outdoor Voices – nonetheless a span insist they are not dating.

Tesla and SpaceX owner Musk, 46, and a “Rum Diaries” singer separate for a second time in late January, carrying reconciled for a brief time.

Page Six initial revealed Musk and Heard were dating in 2016 when they were speckled together during Miami hotel a Delano.

But sources contend billionaire Musk has been speckled in new weeks with 29-year-old Haney, a Forbes Under 30 star and Parsons School of Design graduate.

But Haney told Page Six, “We are friends though really not dating.”

A repute for Musk combined they are friends and have hung out a few times over new months, though they are not dating.

Haney’s Austin, Texas-based association launched in 2013 and has given grown rapidly. It recently lifted $34 million in a Series C round, bringing a sum appropriation to scarcely $57 million, according to CNBC.

Last year, former J.Crew CEO Mickey Drexler was named authority of a association board. Haney, a former college lane star, is a media heavenly interjection to her “human, not superhuman” proceed to aptness apparel, her diligence in holding on a likes of Lululemon and Nike, and her healthy, all-American blond looks.

Haney and Outdoor Voices were featured in Vogue in January, and she has been profiled in publications from Entrepreneur.com to Fashionista and Architectural Digest.

Musk done a warn coming in Austin during SXSW in March, where he talked about Mars, AI threats and self-driving cars, and was also speckled attack a celebration scene.

Haney has been dating successful Austin restaurateur Larry McGuire, whom she met in New York in 2009. He introduced her to a city, and she after changed Outdoor Voices from New York to Austin.

The span seemed in a 2016 WSJ Magazine feature as “the integrate who is redefining [Austin’s] success.”

Article source: https://pagesix.com/2018/05/05/meet-elon-musks-new-love-interest/