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Does it even matter that final year’s iPhone 6s is so most faster than a new Galaxy Note 7?

This past Monday we common a video that showed a performance exam pitting Samsung’s code new Galaxy Note 7 opposite Apple’s year-old iPhone 6s. Instead of relying on benchmark contrast to review a dual phones, this sold exam used a opposite process dictated to review their opening during real-world usage. The test wasn’t systematic by any means, though a singular format actually does to a flattering decent pursuit of comparing dual phones in a real-world setting. Benchmark tests, after all, unequivocally usually exam a capabilities of a smartphone when it’s pushed to a limits. How mostly do we pull your phone to a boundary in a genuine world?

In this aforementioned opening test, Apple’s year-old iPhone definitely clobbered a brand-spanking-new Galaxy Note 7. Apple fans and Android fans have all been utterly outspoken about a formula given then, though does this exam even unequivocally matter?

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The video in doubt has already been noticed some-more than 1 million times, that shows we only how heated this discuss has been. To put that in perspective, many other new videos posted by the same YouTube user any have perspective stats in a tens of thousands.

Here’s a video in question:

The methodology here uses app laps to review smartphone performance. The YouTuber opens a same array of apps one after a other on both phones and times how prolonged a whole array — or “lap” — takes. He does dual laps with any phone and afterwards compares a results.

In a nutshell, a meditative here is that this form of opening exam paints a some-more accurate picture of how a smartphone performs in a genuine world. After all, we don’t spend many of your time personification insanely formidable 3D games on your phone, do you? No, we open apps, switch apps and perform elementary tasks many of a time.

In this sold test, a iPhone 6s from 2015 kick Samsung’s code new Galaxy Note 7 by some-more than 40 seconds on a initial path — a 6s took 1:22 to finish a lap, while a Note 7 took 2:05. As if that violence weren’t heartless enough, a opening widened to scarcely a full notation on a second lap.

So… a year-old iPhone with a dual-core processor and 2GB of RAM completely annihilated a code new flagship Android phone with a quad-core chipset and 4GB of RAM. But does it unequivocally matter?

There are certainly arguments on both sides of a blockade though in a end, yes, it matters.

Samsung’s new Galaxy Note 7 is a illusory smartphone. As we remarkable in a Galaxy Note 7 review final week, a hardware is unusual and a Note-specific program facilities are outstanding. One thing we brushed by and didn’t unequivocally dive into, however, is that a new Note 7 isn’t wholly “new,” so to speak. While Samsung’s Note lineup has offering several upgrades over same-year Galaxy S phones in a past, this year Samsung motionless to use a same design processor, camera, and other components from a Galaxy S7.

Is that such a bad thing? On a own, no, it’s not a bad thing. The Note 7 offers a really well-spoken user knowledge compared to other Android phones, and it has some-more than adequate energy to hoop complicated lifting.

But a Samsung phone’s 6-month-old specs pull courtesy to a fact that iOS is still distant smoother and some-more manageable than Android. As we can see on Apple’s year-old iPhone 6s, apps are lightning fast. There are a series of critical factors that minister to a iPhone’s silky well-spoken user experience, such as a absolute tradition A9 chipset and optimizations in both third-party apps and iOS itself.

This all becomes distant some-more critical subsequent month, when Apple releases a next-generation iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. Apple manages to make outrageous opening gains any year with a new iPhones, and final year’s iPhone 6s is already faster than any flagship Android phone by a landslide. The iPhone 7 is truly going to be in a joining of a own.

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