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Doris Roberts: From Angie to Raymond, 7 noted roles

Doris Roberts, a Emmy-winning singer who died Sunday during age 90, was a tie on shade for 7 decades. One of TV’s many inclusive and dear moms, she also branched out with thespian work and wasn’t fearful to play opposite type. Here are 7 of her many noted roles.

Everybody Loves Raymond

Roberts found her signature purpose comparatively late in her career, personification a amatory though prying mom Marie Barone in Ray Romano’s renouned CBS sitcom, that ran from 1996 to 2005. Partnered with Peter Boyle as a grouchy primogenitor Frank, she doted on everyman Ray (Romano) while locking horns with daughter-in-law Debra (Patricia Heaton) and spasmodic unaware eldest son Robert (Brad Garrett). Roberts warranted 7 Emmy nominations for her work on a show, and won four.


Long before she seemed on Raymond, Roberts portrayed a small-screen mom on Angie, that starred Donna Pescow as a Philadelphia waitress who strikes adult a intrigue with a immature alloy (Robert Hays) revolting opposite his rich family. Roberts played Theresa Falco, a practical newsstand owners who lifted dual daughters on her possess though still kept a place during a list for a father who walked out on a family 19 years earlier. The uncover debuted in 1979 and ran for dual seasons.

St. Elsewhere

Roberts and costar James Coco both won Emmys for their guest appearances on “Cora and Arnie,” an part from a initial deteriorate of a medical play St. Elsewhere. They played a homeless integrate whose attribute is tested when Cora (Roberts) learns that her feet indispensable to be amputated, that would forestall her from caring for a mentally infirm Arnie (Coco). In a 2005 interview, Roberts pronounced a opening was “the best, dramatically a best, in radio that I’ve done.”

Remington Steele

Coming off her St. Elsewhere turn, Roberts took on a purpose of Mildred Krebs on Remington Steele, a questioner uncover that launched an different Pierce Brosnan to stardom. At initial questionable of a suggested ex-thief, Krebs joins his crime-fighting operation with strong-willed private questioner Laura Holt (Stephanie Zimbalist). Roberts’ opening as their committed receptionist garnered another Emmy nomination.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Family high-jinks naturally ensued when Roberts assimilated a Griswolds on a large shade in National Lampoon’s 1983 Christmas comedy. She played a mom of Ellen (Beverly D’Angelo) and was a tough sell for Clark’s (Chevy Chase) take on a holiday. His devise to kill a squirrel caused her to faint — not many folks’ ideal Christmas.

Grandma’s Boy

In 2006, Roberts had fun with her rational picture in Grandma’s Boy, a raunchy Happy Madison comedy about a video diversion tester (Allen Covert) forced to pierce in with his grandma (Roberts) and her dual friends (Shirley Jones and Shirley Knight). Roberts pronounced it was her initial R-rated comedy — and maybe a initial time she calculated removing high on camera too.

Full House

She usually visited San Francisco once, though Roberts played Danny Tanner’s (Bob Saget) mom in deteriorate 3 of Full House. In a 1989 episode, Granny Tanny is late and looking for meaning, so she starts to assistance around a house. But when she starts to overstay her acquire and decides to pierce in, Danny admits a family lied about wanting her assisting hand. Like all good moms, and loyal to a Full House spirit, Granny accepts her son’s reparation in heartwarming fashion.

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