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Empire Season 2 Premiere: Has Cookie Awakened Jamal’s Inner Lucious?

Before final night’s deteriorate premiere, usually a small discuss of Empire would make people as hyped as a child who usually downed a crate of Pixy Stix. Taraji P. Henson’s Emmy-nominated behaving and catchphrases (Boo Boo Kitty, anyone?). Terrence Howard’s wavy hair and Hugh Hefner headband combo. Alliances that change some-more than my opinions on either or not Gordon Ramsay is prohibited (I mean, he’s approach too aged for me yet when he starts yelling during me, I’m like, “Oh, lemme ‘accidentally’ strike over this bottle of nutmeg and see if that will make him insane adequate to have his approach with me.”)

In short, Empire is FUN, and in an age when everybody is perplexing to stir any other with Important TV (see: True Detective), a good to watch a uncover like Empire that usually wants to be a “blast in a glass,” as venerable Nobel Peace Prize laureate and former Jersey Shore expel partner Deena Nicole Cortese once said.

Clearly, there was copiousness roving on a Season 2 premiere as it aims to equivocate a abuse of a sophomore slump. And as evidenced by Mimi Whiteman (perfectly played by Marisa Tomei) nearing on a stage and eye-fucking Cookie within dual mins of assembly her, I’m going to contend that Empire is about as high as Elton John was when he wrote “Bennie and a Jets.” But let’s start during a beginning.

We open with a #FreeLucious concert, that substantially has some-more people there than all European immigrants who got off a boats during Ellis Island in a 1900s. This unison is totally over a tip in usually a best approach possible. There are cameos from conform powerhouse André Leon Talley (#YasQueen), Al Sharpton, who is dressed like he’s on his approach to collect adult his Aunt Bertha from her afternoon bingo diversion (a.k.a. he’s murdering it), and Don Lemon, who is cornier than a bag of Orville Redenbacher’s, yet damn if I’m going to let Lemon oppressive my vibe since this happens:

That’s right, Cookie comes out onstage dressed as a chimpanzee who is trapped in a cage. She afterwards gives a debate about how a jail complement destroys trusting black men’s lives, yet Lucious indeed did kill Bunky, so this whole arrangement that Cookie is putting on is a large play of cray cray. And mama’s inspired so we eat it up.

Speaking of eating, Cookie finally gets to accommodate a flirtatious Mimi, an investor, who, if all goes well, will deposit in Empire, so that Cookie, Anika, Hakeem, and Andre can take a determining seductiveness in a company. This is all really juicy, yet all we can concentration on is a fact that Mimi is accompanied by Tricky Trichter, who is dressed like he walked true from a Kim Davis-Mike Huckabee convene to this #FreeLucious concert. This show’s habit dialect is literally all that is right in a world.

Anyway, while all this shaping and flirting between Mimi and Cookie is going on, Jamal is nothing a wiser since he’s bustling being pleasing and singing during a concert. Later on, we see that Hakeem is undone since his manuscript has regularly been removing pushed behind as Jamal kind of has too many on his plate. And what’s going on with Andre? He’s waking adult in a cold persperate since he feels guilty about murdering Vernon, and yet a shame is sad, Andre’s physique is resplendent splendid like a diamond.

Lucious is in prison, yet some-more importantly, he shaved his head! No! The silky well-spoken waves are gone, yet that doesn’t meant he’s not his same aged sleazy self. Jamal visits him and Lucious is insane for like 5 seconds about Cookie not entrance to revisit him in a past 3 months, and afterwards he gets down to bidness: he wants Jamal to kill Vernon. Oh, man, if usually Loosh knew that Andre already rubbed that. When he’s not grouping hits, Lucious is bustling ignoring Cookie’s cousin Jermel, who fears that Frank Gathers, a frightful drug play that Cookie and apparently everybody has worked for, is going to find punish when he arrives to prison. So who is this Frank Gathers? Idris Elba? That would be a Yom Kippur miracle, if that’s a thing. Chiwetel Ejiofor? we would regard dance in my vital room. It is conjunction of those men; instead it’s Chris Rock.

Guys. GUYS! The male that everybody is fearful of is played by a male we can substantially out-bench-press. Why is this concurrently a biggest and many ridiculous thing in a story of things? Because it’s Empire, and this uncover has a spell sorcery that’s unequaled by even a many gifted Bayou spell priestess.

We’re now behind with Cookie who is throwing a voluptuous lesbian celebration to serve woo Mimi, yet Cookie doesn’t switch hit, so she has Anika mack on Mimi, who takes an present fondness to her. Despite Mimi’s attraction, this unfolding . . .

. . . is reduction voluptuous than this:

And a censure sincerely rests on Anika’s shoulders here. You can’t guarantee a anticipation of branch a lady out if you’re dressed in your excellent Ann Taylor. GET. IT. TOGETHER, BOO BOO KITTY! Surprisingly, Mimi is down and they offshoot up, that fundamentally seals a understanding on Mimi being on #TeamCookieHostileTakeover.

WRONG! Just as they travel into a assembly to announce to Jamal that they now have determining seductiveness and will be holding things over from him, Mimi is there and goes, “Surprise, mofos!” Turns out notwithstanding her and Anika’s voluptuous rendezvous, Mimi had a tip assembly with Lucious and is teaming adult with him. WHAT?!?! And as if Cookie’s life wasn’t already bad, Jermel tells Frank that Cookie snitched on him.

Meanwhile, a voluptuous prosecutor lady whose bust are on arrangement like a quarrel of wall sconces during CB2 visits a jail. She primarily offers Lucious a deal, yet after he declines, she vows to take him down and calls him a “yellow ass” after he calls her a bitch. we adore her instantly. Loosh subsequent goes to try and butter adult Frank by complimenting his visiting daughter who, shocker of all shockers, is an extraordinary rapper too!

Cookie arrives home to find a package outward her door, and of march it’s a warning: inside a box is Jermel’s head. Instead of splotch her skin Michael Jackson character and relocating to a towering where Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal boned, Cookie stays in city and has all her kids as good as Andre’s wife, Rhonda, censor out during Lucious’s mansion. She afterwards hightails it to Lucious and asks him to stop being few for 5 mins and take caring of Frank. Loosh is down and confronts Frank. Frank tells his minions to kill Lucious, yet they don’t since they incited on him and are operative for Lucious now! Even in prison, L Squared is a boss. He orders them to kill Frank, yet not before revelation him that he’s going to pointer his daughter to Empire and afterwards bone her.

With Frank dead, Cookie tells everybody they can go behind home. Then she tries to mend things with Jamal like she wasn’t perplexing to take over a association from him. He tells her to get a ruin out of a residence and doesn’t even behind down when she slaps him twice. So she leaves:

Ruh roh. Looks like Cookie competence have awakened Jamal’s middle Lucious. HELP!

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