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ESPN, NFL scold Cris Carter for propelling NFL rookies to have a ‘fall guy’

ESPN and a NFL both cursed comments done by ESPN NFL researcher Cris Carter during a 2014 NFL Rookie Symposium, when Carter talked to players during a NFC event about carrying a “fall man in your crew” in box a actor got in trouble.

The video was brought to light after a new ESPN The Magazine talk with former San Francisco 49er Chris Borland, when Borland retold a story, though wouldn’t brand who pronounced it. Video of a conference had been archived on NFL.com, with Carter and Warren Sapp articulate to players. Carter talked about carrying a tumble guy, and Sapp steady Carter’s matter that “we’ll get him out” if a chairman goes to jail. The video was after private from NFL.com.

ESPN released a statement, saying: “We totally remonstrate with Cris’s remarks and we have done that intensely transparent to him. Those views were wholly his possess and do not simulate a company’s indicate of perspective in any way.”

The NFL released a statement, saying: “The criticism was not deputy of a summary of a conference or any other joining program. The league’s actor rendezvous staff immediately voiced regard about a criticism to Cris. The criticism was not steady in a 2014 AFC event or this year’s symposium.”

Carter took to Twitter after Sunday to apologize for his comments:

In a ESPN a Magazine story, that was posted online Friday, Borland pronounced he was confounded during a session.

“I was only sitting there thinking, ‘Should we travel out? What am we ostensible to do?’ ” he recalled, according to a story. He told ESPN The Magazine he didn’t leave a room since he didn’t wish to means a scene, though a occurrence stayed with him.

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