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Essential Politics: Clinton’s California lead shrinks, dual weeks later

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The past week has found some good news for fans of Sen. Bernie Sanders, as California elections officials make their approach by hundreds of thousands of uncounted ballots — yet not adequate to change a outcome of choosing night.

As of Tuesday night, there were about 784,000 ballots left to routine from a Jun 7 primary. And over a march of a final week, a Hillary Clinton lead has narrowed slightly, now during about 9 commission points statewide.

While state law allows a opinion count to final by early July, a stream examination rate could meant things are wrapped adult by a center of subsequent week. In fact, 11 of California’s 58 counties already have finished estimate their ballots.


With a primary behind her and racing toward a ubiquitous election, Clinton warned in a debate Tuesday that Donald Trump’s business record unfit him from overseeing a nation’s economy. She argued his policies and spirit risked promulgation a U.S. into a retrogression and environment off a tellurian panic.

Saying Alexander Hamilton would be rolling in his grave,” Clinton regularly used Trump’s difference and a few routine sum he’s offering as a arms opposite him.

Trump on Tuesday also questioned Clinton’s faith, even yet she has talked about her Methodist sacrament for years.

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California’s Native American tribes are customarily high rollers when it comes to contributing to domestic campaigns, yet that’s not a box in a U.S. Senate race. Phil Willon reports that a series of tribes that work remunerative casinos have avoided a competition altogether, even yet they’ve been inexhaustible to other sovereign possibilities and domestic parties.

Some Native American leaders aren’t too happy with a record of Democratic Atty. Gen. Kamala Harris on genealogical issues, generally those associated to gaming. And her Democratic opposition in a Nov election, Rep. Loretta Sanchez, didn’t do herself any favors with her Native American “war cry” gaffe in 2015.


Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom warned a discussion of cannabis attention members Tuesday that they need to get concerned in flitting a pot legalization magnitude on a Nov list or a means will be set behind nationally.

Patrick McGreevy reports from Oakland that Newsom also pronounced a war on drugs has been an “abject failure.”

“I kind of got undone by some of a colleagues since they weren’t leading,” Newsom told some 2,000 attention activists and entrepreneurs during a discussion sponsored by a National Cannabis Industry Assn.

Newsom pronounced stream drug policies consecrate “a fight on a poor, on folks of color, and it’s got to end.”

We will continue to lane a measures on a Nov. 8 list on our Essential Politics news feed.


Two of Trump’s many high-profile supporters in Congress have a box of buyer’s remorse, writes Joshua Stewart of a San Diego Union-Tribune.

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Vista) pronounced he’d like to “redo” a whole primary routine but Trump as a candidate. Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-Alpine), one of a initial members of a House to behind Trump, warned of an try to retard Trump as a Republican Party’s presidential hopeful and of intensity assault during a GOP inhabitant gathering in July.

Issa, blaming President Obama for voter frustration, pronounced Sanders and Trump found “a revolutionary contra an egotist” on primary ballots, and “Neither one of them were quite people who should have been so distant up.”


We told we yesterday about a fundraiser during tech noble Sean Parker’s home subsequent week. Among a co-hosts is Ron Conway, an angel financier who was an early Napster funder.

“Given Donald Trump’s mount on trade, immigration, gun safety, etc., a tech village MUST make a large display for Sean’s eventuality given his care in a tech village and philanthropy,” Conway wrote in an invitation to his network performed by The Times.


Rep. Linda Sanchez will again be a only womanlike actor in a annual Congressional Baseball Game on Thursday night between Democrats and Republicans. The Whittier Democrat was one of a Democrats’ many profitable players final year.

Sarah Wire reports that Sanchez is only one of a handful of California members who will fit adult in jerseys of their internal teams Thursday night as Republicans try to finish Democrats’ winning streak.

Democrats have won a final 7 games of a annual Washington gift tradition during Nationals Park. The event, sponsored by a Capitol Hill journal Roll Call, draws Hill staffers, lobbyists, other members of Congress and, final year, even President Obama. (Don’t skip a photos in a story.)


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