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Essential Politics: Donald Trump’s picks, Jerry Brown’s plea

The nascent administration of President-elect Donald Trump has come into many crook perspective in a initial dual days of a week, and one thing’s for certain.

If we loved/hated a initial picks, you’re going to love/hate a many new ones too.

Good morning from a state capital. I’m Sacramento Bureau Chief John Myers, and we have a new glance of Gov. Jerry Brown’s approach to a incoming administration by midweek.

But first, let’s speak about a Trump Cabinet.

Rex Tillerson as secretary of State. Or as a Times title called him on Tuesday, “oil aristocrat and Russia friend.”

Tillerson presents a plea for a president-elect with some members of his possess celebration in a intensity summary being sent about a Trump administration’s perspective of Russia. And it seems clear, writes Cathleen Decker, that the 45th boss is digging in his heels on a issue.

Then there’s a $240 million in Exxon Mobil batch that a incoming secretary will have to sell, and a clarity among some watchers that he could even have to recuse himself from decisions done by a State Department.

A distant opposite set of questions faces a president-elect’s approaching choice for secretary of Energy: Why does he wish a pursuit heading an group he once vowed to shutter?

Former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, Trump’s pick, is another crony of a oil attention and meridian change skeptic. And yes, there was that time in a GOP presidential discuss that he couldn’t remember a Department of Energy as one of a 3 supervision agencies he wanted to eliminate.

Perry would benefaction a singular plea for California, a state he desired to needle while in a governor’s palace in Texas. Some trust California’s purify appetite efforts would have to turn some-more self sufficient with a Perry-led sovereign agency.


On Tuesday, it seemed that President-elect Trump had landed on Rep. Ryan Zinke (R-Mont.) as Interior secretary.

Zinke’s environmental record will no doubt get a full open vetting in a weeks to come, a record that includes support for preserving land for recreational functions though some-more regressive approaches in many other areas.

There’s also that time he pronounced (jokingly, he after said) that Hillary Clinton was “the anti-Christ.”


We’ve been closely examination a comparatively pale greeting from Gov. Jerry Brown to a entrance epoch of Trump in Washington, D.C.  And we’ve prolonged suspected that environmental issues would be a pivotal focus.

On Tuesday, Brown assimilated other distinguished Californians in urging President Obama to make permanent an existent anathema on oil and gas drilling in federally tranquil waters off a California coast.

Whether a boss could indeed cut something in mill that couldn’t be dismantled by Trump stays to be seen. Nonetheless, a governor’s minute done transparent that he views a emanate by a entrance conflict over hoary fuels and meridian change.

“Clearly, vast new oil and gas pot would be unsuitable with a vital needed to revoke faith on hoary fuels and fight a harmful impacts of meridian change,” Brown wrote.

The governor’s comments came only before he assimilated other governors from western states for an environmental eventuality in San Diego. And many of those governors offered their possess concerns about a incoming administration in Washington, D.C.


A dependent of Brown, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf finds herself confronting major hurdles these days — none some-more painful, perhaps, than a annoy and accusations after a city’s fatal warehouse fire scarcely dual weeks ago.

As Chris Megerian and Javier Panzar report, it’s been a tough highway for a Democrat inaugurated in 2014. The glow comes after a vital military dialect scandal, countless protests and a tale of a new track for a NFL’s Oakland Raiders.

“There is frequency a day that goes by as mayor of Oakland that I’m not met with some indeterminate challenge,” Schaaf said in an interview.


This week’s finish of a lame-duck event of Congress had dual quite engaging story lines wrapped into a same discuss over H2O being pumped by a Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta.

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