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Ethiopian Airlines Installed Max 8 Simulator, though Pilot on Doomed Flight Didn’t Get Training

The pilots on a cursed Lion Air moody did not seem to know because a jet was tipping downward and how to scold that problem. One flipped by a technical manual, and a other began to pray, according to a cockpit voice recording.

An examination is still underway to establish what caused a pile-up in Ethiopia. A probable error in a MCAS complement is partial of a inquiry, and a authorities in Ethiopia have pronounced that a rough examination of a “black boxes” — voice recording and moody information — revealed similarities to a Indonesian crash.

But experts have cautioned that any conclusions during this theatre of an examination are rough and could change.

On Wednesday in Washington, a F.A.A. published a notification to regulators in other countries reiterating that Boeing was scheming a program ascent for a 737 Max along with training to accompany a updated software.

The F.A.A. pronounced a examination of a new program and training was “an group priority, as will be a rollout of any software, training or other measures to operators of a 737 Max.”

The summary from a F.A.A. did not exhibit any new information about what might have led to a pile-up in Ethiopia. “Understanding a resources that contributed to this collision is vicious in building serve actions and returning aircraft to service,” a F.A.A. said.

In a serve pointer of inspection confronting Boeing and a F.A.A., a Senate subcommittee on aviation and space pronounced it was formulation a conference successive Wednesday on airline safety.

“In light of a new tragedy in Ethiopia and a successive education of a Boeing 737 Max aircraft, this conference will inspect hurdles to a state of blurb aviation safety, including any specific concerns highlighted by new accidents,” a subcommittee pronounced in a statement.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/03/20/world/africa/ethiopian-boeing-training-simulator.html