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Eureka 61250 SmartVac Replacement Roller Brush

Key Features Fits all Eureka The Boss SmartVac 4870 Uprights Also fits Eureka Omega 4800 Series Uprights Includes All Components of the brush including the Bearings. Product Description This is a replacement roller brush assembly for all Eureka The Boss Smart Vac 4870 Series Upright Bagged Vacuum Cleaners. This brush, also called a beater bar, or brush roll includes all components, including both the left and right plastic end caps, ball bearings, and the brush core and bristles, fully assembled and ready to install. The end caps on this brush are an Hexagon Shape, and the brush measures approximately 14 3/8″ long, with 1 1/3 in. to the right of the belt pulley. Used with the Eureka Style R Belt (part 61110 sold separately) this brush is more prone to damage then other Eureka Brush Rollers. To prolong the life of your roller brush, it’s recommended to remove both plastic end caps once every 30 days, and clear and debris such as thread, or hair which may be wrapped around the bearings, and while you have the bearings exposed, put some bearing grease on it to keep it spinning smoothly. Fits Eureka Part 61250-3, and The Boss Smart Vac, and Omega Models; 4870AT, 4870ATV, 4870BT, 4870DT, 4872AT, 4872BT, 4874AT, 4880AT, 4885BT, and 4885AT.61250-3 Eureka 4800 Series Brushroll – Genuine, 14-3/8″ with Octagon shaped end-caps. Fits models :4870, 4870AT, 4870BT, 4870DT, 4870F, 4870G 4872, 4872AT, 4872BT, 4874, 4874AT, 4874B, 4875, 4875A, 4880, 4880A, 4880BT, 4885, 4885AT, 4885BT 4872AT Upright Vacuum 4872BT Upright Vacuum 4874AT Upright Vacuum 4874B Upright Vacuum 4875A Upright Vacuum 4880A Upright Vacuum 4880BT Upright Vacuum 4885AT Upright Vacuum 4885BT Upright Vacuum 4870G Upright Vaccum 4870GZ Upright Vaccum 4870GZX Upright Vaccum 4870HZ Upright Vaccum 4870HZX Upright Vaccum 4870J Upright Vaccum 4870K Upright Vaccum 4870KE Upright Vaccum 4870MZ Upright Vaccum 4870PZ Upright Vaccum 4870RZ Upright Vaccum 4870SZ Upright Vaccum 4870SZX Upright Vaccum 4870UZ Ultra Smart Upright Vacuum 4870F Ultra Smart Vac 4870F1 Ultra Smart Vac 4870F2 Ultra Smart Vac Additional Information Item Length : 0.1 Item Height : 0.1 Item Width : 0.1 Item Weight : 0.8 Condition : New UPC : 0742173760601 Part#: 61250-3 Price:  $ 28.2   Read More and Buy it here!