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Eureka Foam Mighty Mite Ii Using “N” or “Mm” Bags Filter

Key Features This is an O.E.M. Authorized part Fits various eureka models Oem part number 38333 This is a Eureka replacement part Product Description This is an O.E.M. Authorized part. Fits various eureka models. OEM part number 38333. This product is manufactured in united states.Foam filter for all Eureka Mighty Mite I, II, 3600 series including Eureka and Sanitaire models 3.67E+02, 3620A, 3621A, 3624A, 3630A 3631A, 3632A, 3640A, 3641A, 3641B 3650A, 3651A, 3651AM, 3651B, 3670A 3670B, 3670D, 3670E, 3670F-1, 3670G-1 3670G-2, 3670G-3, 3670G-4, 3671A-1, 3672A 3672A-1, 3672B, 3672B-1, 3673A, 3673B 3674A, 3675A, 3676A, 3676B, 3679A 3679B, 3680A, 3680A-1, 3680B, 3680B-1 3682A, 3682B, 3682D, 3684A, 3684B 3684D, 3684D-1, 3684D-2, 3684D-3, 3684F 3684F-1, 3685A, 3685B, 3686A, S3681A S3681A-1, S3681B, S3681B-1, S3681B-2, S3681D S3681D-1, S3681D-2, S3686A, S3686B, S3686D S3686D-1, S3686D-2, S3686E, S3686E-1, S3686E-2 SC3683A, SC3683A-1, SC3683A-2, SC3684A Additional Information Item Length : 0.1 Item Height : 0.1 Item Width : 0.1 Item Weight : 0.02 Condition : New UPC : 0742173760779 Part#: 38333 Price:  $ 6.65   Read More and Buy it here!