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Everything You Need to Know About Season 15 of ‘Grey’s Anatomy’

Warning: Major Grey’s Anatomy spoilers ahead.

Our attribute with Grey’s Anatomy is longer than many of a relations IRL. Over a final 15 years (300+ episodes!), a dear medical play has given us all a feels — and approach some-more heartbreak than one could ask for. (Um, is anyone else still grappling with a detriment of McDreamy? Denny? George?)

The deteriorate 14 culmination was no different. Wedding bells aside, it finished with a intolerable reveal: Teddy Altman, a Interim Chief of Surgery, is pregnant. It has to be Owen’s baby, right? If so, what about Owen and Amelia? Oh, deteriorate 15 is off to a thespian start.

The landmark 15th deteriorate is entrance behind VERY soon.

Grey’s Anatomy’s 15th deteriorate is creation history. First, there was Ellen Pompeo’s large $20 million deal. Then, it was suggested that a uncover is on lane to unseat ER as a longest-running medical play of all time. And a new deteriorate hasn’t even started yet.

The new deteriorate will flog off with a two-hour premiere on Sep 27 during 8 p.m. on ABC.

While we don’t know accurately how things will play out, Pompeo, who famously plays Meredith Grey, is anticipating to daub into a scholarship around what indeed creates people sick. “I’d like to get into neurological diseases — and diseases in ubiquitous — and speak about what’s causing it,” she told E. “What unequivocally is creation people sick? I’d adore to understanding with that.”

Your favorite characters are still around.

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The gang’s all here (kind of)! Seattle staples Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, Miranda Bailey, Richard Webber, Owen Hunt, Jackson Avery, Amelia Shepherd, Jo Wilson, Maggie Pearce, and Andrew DeLuca are all slated to return.

If we’re lucky, we *might* get some-more episodes with Dr. Marsh though that’s not nonetheless confirmed. When asked if Scott Speedman, who plays Dr. Marsh, is returning to take McDreamy’s desired spot, Pompeo gave a deceptive answer: “We’re not replacing people given there are no replacements for people. Everyone stands on their own. I’m a outrageous Scott Speedman fan. We’ve flattering many begged him to be on a show.” Alright Scott, so what’s a deal?

There are a few pivotal impression changes (some good, some bad).

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Still great over a depart of Dr. Arizona Robbins (played by Jessica Capshaw) and Dr. Apr Kepner (played by Sarah Drew)? Same. While some fans were discerning to indicate fingers during Ellen Pompeo’s record-breaking income negotiations for a sudden exit of these dear characters, a preference eventually came down to a writers — not business execs. “The usually thing as consistent on Grey’s Anatomy as Ellen Pompeo is a gusto for reinvention. It is a partial of a success and what keeps a uncover exciting. We adore these actresses and we adore these characters and it felt loyal and right creatively to hang adult their stories,” executive writer Krista Vernoff wrote in a statement.

Teddy Altman (played by Kim Raver) is behind — as a lead character. The cardiothoracic surgeon returned to Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital in deteriorate 14, where it was suggested that she was pregnant. And it’s verrrrry approaching that Owen’s a father.

There are also reports that some Nashville deteriorate is creation a approach to Seattle. Enter Chris Carmack, a 37-year-old heartthrob who played Will Lexington in Nashville. While a sum are sparse, Deadline reports that Carmack is set to play an orthopedic surgeon during several — dual during a really slightest — episodes. And get this: His nickname is “Ortho God.” The new McDreamy/McSteamy, perhaps?

And one vital impression is entrance back.

THATCHER. GREY. IS. BACK. It’s been 7 years given we’ve seen — or even listened about — Meredith’s dad, played by actor Jeff Perry. (IRL Perry was bustling personification Cyrus Beene on Shonda Rhime’s other TGIT hit, Scandal.) Just like a past, his lapse to Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital is approaching to be complicated.

In box we need a refresh: Thatcher, who was once married to Meredith’s mom Ellis, wasn’t partial of his daughter’s life for scarcely 20 years. He remarried and had dual some-more children, Lexie and Molly Grey. With a assistance of his late mom Susan, Thatcher became some-more invested in Meredith’s life as he got comparison and even sought her medical assistance for kidney stones and a liver transplant.

Romance is passed for Meredith … for now.

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First came McDreamy, afterwards came Nathan Riggs, and now well, it looks like Meredith Grey is putting her adore elsewhere. “Meredith [is going to] have a new arena that is some-more focused on who she is as a singular mom and surgeon — including her regretful review into a medical condition that is really tighten to her possess family credentials and history,” ABC party boss Channing Dungey told TVLine.

Wait. Did she contend “medical condition?” No word on a astringency though we’re guessing it will be a categorical concentration in Meredith’s life.

And no one’s happier about this change of gait than Meredith herself: “Ellen has oral really aloud about how she doesn’t wish all of Meredith’s adventures to be regretful ones.”

But everybody else is feeling a love.

This year’s thesis is “Season of Love.” And a finish of deteriorate 14 set it adult easily with Teddy’s pregnancy reveal, and Alex and Jo’s wedding. “We collect adult right where we left off,” Camilla Luddington, who plays Jo, told TVLine.

This aligns with Vernoff’s goal for a show’s entrance seasons: “There were a lot of people insane during any other and harm by any other, and my thought was to move in some-more fun and some-more light and some-more humor.” We could use a small some-more amusement — and a lot reduction heartbreak — in a lives, HBU?

Rumor has it that this will be Richard’s final deteriorate (we wish we were kidding).

We apologize in advance: The Internet is throwing around a thought that Richard Webber, a hospital’s former Chief of Surgery, might not tarry a whole season. Gulp.

“See? It’s not only me.” #GreysAnatomy

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Since deteriorate 14 had some-more of a rom-com feel, people are speculating that something MAJOR is going to occur in a entrance season. And a biggest startle would be one of a show’s strange characters dying.

But many viewers aren’t carrying it:

This isn’t a final deteriorate of Grey’s.

As of right now, we can count one some-more deteriorate of a medical drama. Pompeo’s $20 million deal lonesome a 15th and 16th deteriorate of a show. So, that’s that.

Tune into a deteriorate premiere of Grey’s Anatomy on Sep 27 during 8 p.m. on ABC.

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