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Exclusive: Miss Teen USA to discharge swimsuit competition

According to USA Today, a Miss Universe classification announced that a 51 women in a manifestation is going swimsuit-free.
One of America’s highest-profile beauty pageants just traded bikinis for athleisure.

In new years, competitions have increasingly modernized, featuring women that mangle a mold of a normal manifestation black — like Miss Missouri Erin O’Flaherty, who will contest as Miss America’s initial plainly happy aspirant this year, and Miss District of Columbia Deshauna Barber, the Army officer crowned 2016’s Miss USA. But still, a much-maligned swimsuit foe stays a tack of a vital pageants.

That’s no longer a box for Miss Teen USA, after the Miss Universe organization announced that the pageant is going swimsuit-free. Instead, a 51 women (from a 50 states and D.C.) will be judged in a mint jaunty wear competition.

Pageant organizers have prolonged pronounced swimsuit portions were dictated to uncover off a athleticism of a competitors. But Miss Teen USA’s transition to jaunty wear reads as reduction exploitative and some-more focused on a significance of earthy aptness for a younger participants, aged 15-19.

“I have been an contestant my whole life. As a member of a softball group and a rival dance team, we spend a lot of time in jaunty wear,” says Katherine Haik, a reigning Miss Teen USA.

“This new instruction for Miss Teen USA is a good approach to applaud a active lives that so many immature women lead and set a clever instance for a peers.”

first aspirant with conference disabilities to Miss District of Columbia’s talk doubt about women in a military.

As Miss Universe boss Paula Shugart shared in a memo, Miss Teen USA’s change is meant to “celebrate women’s strength, certainty and beauty” in different, some-more constructive ways.

“This preference reflects an critical informative shift we’re all celebrating that empowers women who lead active, eloquent lives and encourage those in their communities to do a same,” she wrote.  Our wish is that this preference will help all of Miss Teen USA’s fans commend these immature women for a strong, inspiring individuals they are.”

“If they are looking to enhance this is a really intelligent mood. It’s unchanging with a altogether code and summary a new owners are articulate about,” says manifestation manager Valerie Hayes. “I cruise that it will means some-more relatives to be open to their daughters competing in a state or internal Teen Miss USA pageant, since a been a regard of relatives in a past.”

The pageant’s change from swimsuits to activewear is also a intelligent business move, chasing a arise of athleisure fashion, says former Miss Virginia Nancy Redd. “Teens are spending .1 percent of their life in a showering fit and 50 percent in athleisure. The manifestation is following a trend of who can unite them.”

Reaction to a preference was overwhelmingly positive.

“This is a good step in a right instruction of women embracing their earthy strength, as against to their appearance,” says Redd, who won Miss America’s swimsuit foe in 2003. “This is focusing on what bodies can do, not only what they demeanour like.”

Could a other pageants in a Miss Universe organization follow a lead of Miss Teen USA? Julianne Hough, a horde and artistic writer for this year’s Miss USA, formerly suggested that the competition should cruise timid a swimsuits in an talk with USA TODAY.

“There’s really some work we cruise still to be done, that’s where we’ve been articulate with a producers,” she pronounced about a pageant’s swimsuit portion. “In a subsequent few years we might grow from that, though let’s see where this year goes.”

Hough hinted that the Miss Universe classification would refocus a pageants on health and wellness. “They’ve talked about opposite ideas for that aspect of a competition…being assured in a fact we worked tough to get that physique and we go to a gym and we eat healthy and do certain things,” she said.

The 2016 Miss Teen USA pageant will be hold in Las Vegas on Jul 30.

Cara Kelly contributed to this report.

Article source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/entertainthis/2016/06/29/miss-teen-usa-to-eliminate-swimsuit-competition/86502942/