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EXCLUSIVE: Morgan Freeman Travels a World to Uncover ‘The Story of God’

Oscar leader Morgan Freeman is embarking on a eremite scrutiny into a judgment and story of God, and he’s mouth-watering viewers to join him on a fascinating and romantic journey.

Freeman hosts National Geographic channel’s six-part documentary array The Story of God, and ET has an disdainful demeanour during a show’s epic trailer.

As partial of The Story of God, a 78-year-old star travels a universe to extract in several eremite ceremonies and douse himself in a faith and beliefs of several cultures via a planet.

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Freeman, who has portrayed God on shade in a past, non-stop adult about a tellurian knowledge during a Winter TCA tour, where he talked about removing people of faith to open adult about their possess eremite beliefs and ceremonies.

“Generally people wish to explain — and it’s not like proselytizing, it’s only explaining,” Freeman said. “I found that quite so in India and in Egypt. They are not perplexing to remonstrate me that we should go to this, merely explain what and because it is.”

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During a epic series, Freeman takes viewers to a series of famed and respected eremite sites, such as a Wailing Wall, a Bodhi Tree, Mayan temples and American mega churches, to excavate into a ancient story of complicated religions.

The Story of God is set to premiere Sunday, Apr 3 during 9/8c on a National Geographic Channel. 

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