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Exodus Travels Launches Responsible Tourism Initiative for Travel Agent Day

On interest of agents opposite a continent, journey debate user Exodus Travels is celebrating National Travel Agent Day by pity a present of journey with kids who would differently go without. For each engagement done during a month of May, a debate user has affianced to send one additional child on an journey with a obliged tourism initiative, The Inspiration Project.

The Inspiration Project provides internal children with a event to knowledge a same adventures as visitors to their countries, that they expected would never be means to means to do, Exodus said. This year, Exodus has committed to promulgation 2,018 disadvantaged kids opposite a universe on exciting, educational day trips. For many of these children, it is a initial time they ever leave their villages or a place they grew up. They revisit iconic sites, perspective wildlife, and learn some-more about their home country’s enlightenment and history.

In Kenya, children are taken on safari in a Naboisho Conservancy to see wildlife and learn some-more about charge and a environment. Experiences continue in Peru where kids will revisit Machu Picchu, in Sri Lanka where they will see a sea for a initial time, in India to revisit a Taj Mahal, and in Jordan to see Petra.

Travel Industry Exchange

Organized by a American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), a holiday aims to spotlight a value of transport agents on both amicable and normal media. Tour operators and other transport suppliers typically offer special representative incentives and promotions on a day of and via a month of May, while organizations like ASTA and Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) celebrate with amicable media highlights and other events.

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