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Facebook Debuts New Video-Centric App for Teens

Facebook has launched a new teen-centric app that allows high schoolers and younger college kids to association by observation any other’s adorned video profiles in a standalone sourroundings (as in, not Facebook).

The app, called Lifestage, recently debuted on iOS. Though anyone can download it and use it, usually those underneath 21 years of age will find it quite interesting. (We’ll explain because in a moment.)

One of a core concepts of Lifestage is a questions it asks you, that you’re ostensible to answer regulating videos, not calm updates. For example, when a app asks we to uncover off your happy face, you’re ostensible to laugh into a camera with your best selfie smile. You can also make your response a bit some-more thespian to keep it interesting, like sharpened yourself carrying a blast during a unison or skipping around a roller during your favorite beach (to name dual examples).

These answers afterwards turn your video form on Lifestage, that others are giveaway to check out—so prolonged as they’re underneath 21. While anyone can download and pointer adult for a app, it’s designed for a younger crowd. If you’re 22 or older, we can still make a video profile, though we won’t be means to perspective anybody else’s.

While Lifestage has no approach to strictly determine who we are or how aged we are, it does come with a few checks for those who are behaving bold or inapt on a service. All a user has to do is appropriate on a form to news or retard a person—it’s super-easy, and it should hopefully daunt people from behaving rough in their video posts. To find some-more friends, we can prove what high propagandize we go to when we pointer up. However, we won’t be means to change this choice once we name it; good to forestall creeps from scanning by other users’ videos, though not so good if you, say, send schools during any point.

Facebook is also giving Lifestage users copiousness of warning that what they see on a app competence not be wholly accurate—or private.

“Everything we post in Lifestage is always open and ocular by everyone, inside and outward your school. There is no approach to extent a assembly of your videos. We can’t endorse that people who explain to go to a certain propagandize indeed go to that school. All videos we upload to your form are entirely open content,” reads Facebook’s description.

The high propagandize aspect doubles as a amicable selling apparatus for Lifestage. The app will usually uncover we peers during your high propagandize once 20 people have indicated they go to your school—a fun small pretence to inspire we to get your friends to pointer adult for a app (which can be finished but wanting a Facebook account).

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