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Facebook Decides to Back Off Creepy Hospital Data-Sharing Project for Some Reason

Noted Good Guy Mark Zuckerberg.
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In what competence be a shortest time nonetheless for an Onion headline to scarcely counterpart reality, Facebook has corroborated off skeleton to share supportive info about your middle life with doctors and hospitals. And all it took was a association being inextricable in a cataclysmic data-sharing scandal.

As initial reported by CNBC on Thursday, Facebook’s sly investigate arm, Building 8, was looking to start a plan that would have had them share users’ anonymized information with several vital US hospitals. This total information would afterwards clearly concede doctors to get some-more applicable discernment into their patients’ lives and act appropriately.

One instance of how this could have worked, described by CNBC, would have had hospitals send home nurses to patients recuperating from vital heart medicine deemed to have no circuitously friends or family formed on their Facebook profile.

Facebook had reportedly gotten as distant as enlisting a scientists to speak to vital organizations like a American College of Cardiology and a Stanford University School of Medicine about a project. But a dream—for a moment—is no more.

“This work has not progressed past a formulation phase, and we have not received, shared, or analyzed anyone’s data,” Facebook pronounced in a matter to CNBC.


According to CNBC, both Facebook information and a sanatorium information would have been nude of any identifying markers like a person’s name before it reached anyone. A common cryptographic process famous as hashing would have been used to compare a sets of information to one another.

Seemingly training zero from a possess history, though, a plan leaders reportedly didn’t even plead either Facebook users should have been told in allege about their small experiment. Contrast that with Apple’s smoother (if still scary) forays into a health world, that embody an app that asks users if they’d like to willingly couple their medical annals adult to their iPhones, for instance.

Alas, given everybody is still insane about a 2015 Cambridge Analytica information crack (which saw adult to 87 million Facebook users’ information mined by a company), Facebook apparently suspicion it best to only take things down a nick for now.


“Last month we motionless that we should postponement these discussions so we can concentration on other critical work, including doing a improved pursuit of safeguarding people’s information and being clearer with them about how that information is used in a products and services,” their matter said. Bravery, thy name is Zuck.

Meanwhile, in other news, Facebook only admitted that many of a 2.2 billion users could have had their information pilfered by “malicious actors” adult until yesterday when a association introduced new data-sharing restrictions.



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