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Facebook is substantially tracking we either we use it or not — and it doesn’t unequivocally give we a choice

Even if you’ve never sealed adult for Facebook or have logged out of your account, a amicable networking association is expected tracking your practical movements — and it doesn’t offer any approach for we to opt out.

Facebook marks users who revisit apps and websites that have incorporated services like a “like” and “share” buttons, David Baser, a company’s product government director, said in a blog post Monday. Because a sites and apps don’t know that of their visitors and users are sealed adult with Facebook, they can’t heed between users and non-users of a amicable network when promulgation information to Facebook, Baser said.

“When we revisit a site or app that uses a services, we accept information even if you’re logged out or don’t have a Facebook account,” Baser pronounced in a post.

Among a information Facebook collects on non-users are their internet custom (IP) addresses, a handling complement and web browser they’re using, and a participation of cookies. IP addresses can be used to infer users’ geographic location, and cookies frequently act as “identifiers that websites use to know if you’ve visited before,” Baser said.

Non-users can’t see what information Facebook has collected about them, nor can they opt out of that tracking by a site, a association mouthpiece said. That’s precisely since they don’t have an comment on a service, she said.

The doubt of what kinds of information Facebook collects on non- and logged-out users came adult during CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearings final week, that focused on a Cambridge Analytica liaison and a company’s remoteness and data-use policies. Lawmakers seemed endangered with a ability of Facebook users and non-users comparison to control their possess information.

Facebook users can opt out of targeted ads

Facebook doesn’t use a information it collects on non-users to aim them with ads from a promotion partners, a mouthpiece said. Nor does it emanate “shadow profiles” of non-users formed on their off-Facebook activity, she said.

“If we aren’t a Facebook user, we can’t brand we formed on this information, or use it to learn who we are,” a mouthpiece said.

Sen. Richard Blumenthal, D-Connecticut, was among those seeking forked questions of Zuckerberg final week about a company’s remoteness policies.

Committee on a Judiciary

However, a association can use a fact that people are non-users to uncover them ads propelling them to pointer adult for Facebook. It also collects that information in sequence to give website and app partners insights about, say, a series of people visiting their services, a mouthpiece said. In that way, Facebook acts likewise to other web analytics firms, she said.

The story is a small opposite for Facebook users who entrance other apps and websites when they aren’t logged into a amicable network. Facebook not usually marks that activity yet links it behind to users’ Facebook accounts and can use it to aim ads during those users, a mouthpiece said.

On Facebook’s ad preferences page, users can opt out of carrying their off-Facebook activities used to aim them with ads on Facebook. They can also opt out of carrying Facebook aim them with ads on other sites and services. But they can’t opt out of a association tracking their activities on those sites and services.

Non-users and logged out users comparison do have another option, though. Some ad restraint apps concede users to retard tracking by amicable networks on other apps and sites.

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