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FDA warns companies about ‘deceptive’ vaginal rejuvenation claims

These treatments have been heavily promoted, both online and in media coverage. Some of a companies that make a inclination have hired open family companies to representation alloy and studious testimonials to newspapers, radio and digital news outlets. They are mostly framed as permitting women to “take behind control of their health.”

For instance, Alma Lasers promoted one of a inclination as charity “a softened delicate life.”

“It is a probably painless procession though surgery, anesthesia or downtime. The durability advantages of FemiLift can be an softened peculiarity of life and deeply extended self-esteem,” a website promises.

A association called BTL betrothed “a whole new proceed to women’s insinuate health” regulating “a noninvasive, no downtime procession with minimal risk.”

“Bring your voluptuous physique behind with Ultra Femme 360,” it says.