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First look: See Yifei Liu as a soldier princess ‘Mulan’ in Disney’s live-action remake


“Mulan” will shortly be wielding her sword on a large shade in non-cartoon form, adding to a fibre of other Disney live-action adaptations.
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The soldier Mulan has been suggested in considerable fighting style.

Walt Disney Studios tweeted the initial picture of Yifei Liu as a famed Chinese heroine for the live-action “Mulan” on Monday, announcing prolongation had begun for a expected film.

The new “Mulan,” destined by Niki Caro with a Mar 27, 2020 release date, is desirous by both a mythological Chinese ballad and a renouned 1998 Disney charcterised film.

The film follows Hua Mulan, a intrepid immature daughter of aged soldier Fa Zhou, who impersonates a male to take her father’s place during a Hun invasion and becomes one of China’s biggest heroines.

Liu (also famous as Crystal Liu) was announced for a lead purpose in November, following a year-long hunt of five continents that looked at nearly 1,000 candidates. The part requires convincing martial humanities skills, a ability to pronounce English and, clearly, star quality.

In esteem to informative accuracy, a studio wholly focused a hunt on an ethnically Chinese immature woman.

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Liu is smooth in English, carrying lived in Queens, N.Y., for partial of her childhood. The indication and actress had English-speaking roles in both 2008’s “The Forbidden Kingdom,” alongside Jackie Chan and Jet Li, and 2014’s “Outcast,” conflicting Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen. 

She has served as a code envoy for conform houses Dior, Tissot, Garnier and Pantene.

Joining Liu in “Mulan” is “Star Wars: Rogue One” standout Donnie Yen as a warrior’s coach Commander Tung. Jason Scott Lee stars as a mean soldier Bori Khan. Gong Li (“Memoirs of a Geisha,” “Raise a Red Lantern”) will execute a mean magician and Jet Li (“Shaolin Temple,” “Lethal Weapon 4”) stars as The Emperor who calls adult a troops.

Filming will take place in New Zealand and China.

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