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Flickr Takes Another Sad Turn, Gets Bought by Something Called SmugMug

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In a latest of an unconstrained array of hapless events to succeed a once dear photo-sharing use Flickr, a association has been resurrected from a grave of Yahoo and bought for an undisclosed volume by reward photo-hosting height SmugMug.

According to USA Today, that pennyless news of a merger Friday, a family-owned SmugMug intends to try to breathe new life into a service—though association CEO Don MacAskill certified to a announcement that he unequivocally has no thought what he’s going to do with his new toy.

“It sounds stupid for a CEO not to totally know what he’s going to do, though we haven’t built SmugMug on a master devise either. We try to listen to a business and when adequate of them ask for something that’s critical to them or to a community, we go and build it,” MacAskill told USA Today.

In an FAQ about a understanding posted by SmugMug, a association pronounced that it skeleton to concede Flickr to continue to work as a own, standalone platform. Existing Flickr accounts will continue to work same as they ever have, both for giveaway users and Flickr Pro subscribers. SmugMug did note that over time, it will quit Flickr onto SmugMug’s record infrastructure and will pier user photos over to a height as partial of that move, though a photos will sojourn permitted on Flickr.

Flickr users will also be theme to SmugMug’s terms of use and remoteness routine and will have 30 days to possibly accept a new terms or opt out. Users who do zero will automatically opt-in to SmugMug’s terms. Those who select to opt out will have to undo their Flickr comment and collect any photos on a height or risk losing them forever.


SmugMug is flattering deceptive on any other skeleton for Flickr. “We don’t have any skeleton for evident changes. If we make any changes, we’re going to make certain a changes are for a better,” a association says in a FAQ. “We’ll make certain to engage a constant business in a routine as we grow both SmugMug and Flickr.”

Flickr, once a colourful and amicable height for photographers, has been left to languish given it was acquired by Yahoo for between $22 and $25 million in 2004. The height was ostensible to reinstate Yahoo Photos and offer as a flagship underline for a Web 1.0 hulk as it attempted to get a feet in a doorway for a amicable media era. Instead, Yahoo starved Flickr of resources and authorised it to be supplanted by other services like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

Since Verizon bought adult Yahoo in 2017 and stashed a properties, including Flickr, underneath a Oath umbrella, a photo-sharing use has mostly been forgotten. “We’re anxious for these dual brands to come together to grow their print pity communities and continue to innovate for their members,” Oath pronounced in a statement to USA Today.


Fans of Flickr seem carefully confident about a move. On a r/photography subreddit, a series of users have voiced wish that SmugMug can make good on a guarantee to revitalise Flickr. “I unequivocally wish they have a chops to run Flickr on a scale it needs. Especially on a backend. I’m indeed confident about a site’s future, for a initial time in a prolonged time,” one user, who claimed to be a Flickr user given 2006, wrote. Others praised SmugMug as a inestimable use on a own.

If zero else, SmugMug now finds itself in possession of a loving vestige from a early days of Web 2.0 and a shit-ton of photos that can be printed on receptacle bags or whatever. Good for it.

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