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Florida propagandize removes clergyman who hosted white jingoist podcast

A Florida propagandize district has private a center propagandize clergyman from her classroom after it was suggested she personally hosted a white jingoist podcast, sparking concerns she competence have unprotected her students to such ideology.

Dayanna Volitich, 25, stays a social studies clergyman during Crystal River Middle School in Crystal River. The Citrus County School District pronounced Sunday that it was primarily contacted by HuffPost about Volitich’s ties to a podcast “Unapologetic,” that spurred it to forewarn tellurian resources and launch a review. HuffPost initial reported on a allegations Saturday.

“The clergyman has been private from a classroom and a review is ongoing,” a propagandize district pronounced in a statement, disappearing to recover some-more information until a examine is complete.

In a matter also expelled Sunday by Volitich’s attorney, a clergyman did not repudiate handling a podcast, that she pronounced she did so underneath a Russian name Tiana Dalichov. But she confirmed that she “employed domestic joke and exaggeration, especially to a finish of attracting listeners and followers, and generating review about a calm discussed between myself and my guests.”

Volitich, however, pronounced a statements done about her purported white jingoist views don’t “have any law to them” and that she never injected her domestic beliefs into her classes.

“The views ‘Tiana Dalichov’ espouses do not emanate my veteran career,” she added. “As an adult, my decisions are my own, and my family has zero whatsoever to do with my amicable media accounts or my podcast. From them, we humbly ask for forgiveness, as it was never my goal to means them grief while enchanting in a hobby on my personal time.”

Volitich could not immediately be reached for serve comment.

The clergyman ran a podcast and a associated Twitter comment — given taken down — that voiced racially charged messages and white jingoist views, HuffPost reported.

One twitter posted by @TianaDalichov pronounced in February: “It isn’t supremacist or horrible to cite your possess people over others.”

In another twitter final fall, a comment common a design of a workbook that mentioned “confronting injustice in classrooms.”

“I literally feel mind cells failing as we review this (expletive),” a post said.

NBC News has not exclusively accurate HuffPost’s report.

Image: Dayanna Volitich

Image: Dayanna Volitich

In a Feb. 26 part of a “Unapologetic” podcast, Volitich interviewed distinguished white jingoist Lana Lokteff, a horde of Red Ice TV, which a Southern Poverty Law Center describes as a hatred group. When a school’s principal approached her about expressing her domestic views to students, Volitich pronounced on a podcast that she lied and pronounced a parents’ concerns were unfounded.

“And she believed me,” Volitich pronounced with a laugh.

The review between Lokteff and Volitich circled around countless topics, including training white jingoist beliefs to children, how Volitich felt compelled by her school’s administration and a need for private schools in that white jingoist views could be taught outright. “Hit me adult when you’re ready,” Volitich said.

They also commented on how some races are improved than others.

“This is scholarship though,” Volitich added. “So many other researchers have already looked into this. That’s only a approach it is. There are races that have aloft IQs than others.”

Crystal River Middle School is scarcely 90 percent white, according to a National Center for Education Statistics. The village is about 80 miles north of Tampa.

A mom of a tyro in Volitich’s amicable studies category told NBC News that her daughter recounted during slightest one discouraging conversation.

“They were articulate about separation in a polite rights form of capacity, and a clergyman rather alluded that separation competence presumably be OK in her opinion,” pronounced primogenitor Meredith Bleakley.

Bleakley pronounced she had a contention with her daughter to pronounce adult if she feels a clergyman is being inappropriate.

“This is not what this village stands for,” she added. “This is a tiny town, so it’s really upsetting to find out that this is going on in the propagandize system.”

Article source: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/florida-school-removes-teacher-who-hosted-white-nationalist-podcast-n853096