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For teen who fled Saudi Arabia, a new life in Canada starts with a new name

Rahaf Mohammed creates a open matter in Toronto, Tuesday, Jan. 15, 2019. (Tijana Martin/The Canadian Press around AP)
Emily Rauhala January 15 during 3:07 PM

From now on, she will be famous as Rahaf Mohammed.

The Saudi teenager, who fled Saudi Arabia for Thailand and was after granted haven in Canada, has motionless to dump her surname, Alqunun, and use her former center name, Mohammed. Her preference was announced Tuesday during a news discussion in Toronto, where Mohammed review a matter from a square of paper.

“I would like to start by observant appreciate you,” she said. “I am one of a propitious ones. we know there are detrimental women who left after perplexing to shun or could not do anything to change their reality.”

The 18-year-old’s shun during a family holiday in Kuwait drew worldwide attention. Mohammed flew to Australia and afterwards to Thailand, where she barricaded herself in a Bangkok hotel room, non-stop a Twitter comment and started to write. She posted that family members had threatened to kill her, that she was abused and treated like a slave.

Her pleas held a courtesy of activists and a United Nations interloper agency. She was suspicion to be headed for Australia, though Canada stepped in and postulated her asylum. Mohammed landed in Toronto on Saturday and was greeted by Canada’s unfamiliar minister, Chrystia Freeland. Presenting a tired immature lady to a media, Freeland called her “a really dauntless new Canadian.”

Mohammed’s moody comes amid a diplomatic dispute between Ottawa and Riyadh over Canadian critique of Saudi Arabia’s rights record, quite a new crackdown on women’s rights activists.

It also comes amid deepening tellurian regard about a murder of Saudi publisher Jamal Khashoggi — a box that called courtesy to a tellurian strech of Saudi Arabia’s leaders.

In her initial talk given she left Bangkok, Mohammed called out a kingdom’s patriarchal safekeeping laws and likely that other women would try to escape.

“I consider a series of women journey from Saudi administration abuse will increase,” she told Australia’s open broadcaster. “I’m certain that there will be a lot some-more women using away. we wish my story encourages other women to be dauntless and giveaway for now.”

Mohammed’s outspoken critique has already led to a libel from her family. The owner of a Saudi lobbying organisation in a United States has also warned Canada that there could be tactful consequences.

For now, Mohammed will try to retard out a politics. At a news discussion Tuesday, she sealed by observant that she will not be conducting interviews for a while. “I wish to start vital a normal, private life, only like any other immature lady in Canada,” she said. Though she still faces genocide threats and will need security, she wants to concentration on study English, she said, and building a new life.

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