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Fortnite’s Season 5, Week 9 Challenges Are Delayed, Here’s When They Go Live

FortniteCredit: Epic Games/Erik Kain

If you’re here for your weekly protocol of watchful for a new dump of Fortnite: Battle Royale challenges, keep waiting. Fortnite weekly hurdles customarily go live during 9:00 a.m. Thursday morning, and they’ve been doing that with some rule for a few weeks. This week, however, things are changed behind a small bit. Challenges will be going live during a same time on a morning of Friday, Sep 7, so check behind in if you’re still harsh your approach adult to that desired Ragnarok skin.

The reason for a check has to do with a High Stakes singular time eventuality as good as Patch v.540, both of that were behind to Thursday from Tuesday due to what Epic referred to as a “critical controller error.” High Stakes comes with a possess hurdles as good as a new singular time mode called “Getaway,” and Epic expected wanted to check a weekly plea protocol to give a eventuality a small bit of time to breathe–it competence need information in a new patch to have a hurdles using smoothly, as well. It’s a identical thing to what happened in Week 7, when a hurdles were also changed behind to accommodate a new patch.

That doesn’t meant we don’t have an early demeanour during what those hurdles will entail, and we can see a whole list here. Dataminers have been uncovering destiny hurdles for a small while now, and week 9 is no exception. It shouldn’t be a bad week overall: a plea that asks we to simply use an ATK is among a easiest we’ve ever seen. Dealing repairs with bomb weapons competence be a small harder if we don’t have a “high explosives” LTM to assistance us out. We can also design a lot of trade around a newly-added Tomato Temple due to an “eliminate 3 players” challenge, and should be fun to call courtesy to one of a some-more engaging points of seductiveness now on a map.

The many engaging plea on a list is to dance off with another actor nearby Loot Lake. It’s a small misleading if that unequivocally only involves dancing in a ubiquitous closeness of another player, and we’ll know some-more when a hurdles indeed launch. Regardless, Epic wants to make income off of those emotes, and hurdles aren’t such a bad approach to put them front and center.

You’ll be means to parasite those boxes off Friday morning. Until then, we’ll see what’s adult with High Stakes.


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