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Friday’s Hot Clicks: The NFL Draft’s Feel-Good Moment Actually Just Bummed Me Out

It’s superb that Ryan Shazier can travel again, though he’s also a sign of what football can do to a person. 

I’m unequivocally conflicted about Ryan Shazier

Let me contend initial that I’m anxious Ryan Shazier was means to walk opposite a theatre final night to announce a Steelers’ pick. On a night he got injured, it unequivocally didn’t demeanour like he’d ever be means to do that. But I’m also carrying difficulty observation this as an inspirational story. 

I couldn’t assistance though recoil as Shazier, a linebacker famous for his bomb burst, hold a vise-like hold on his fiancée’s palm as he worked to travel opposite a stage. So while it’s moving that he’s worked so tough usually to be means to take those few fluid steps, it’s also dispiriting that he looks like he’ll never be a actor he once was. Football did that to him—there’s no denying that. 

The NFL breeze is all about hope. Every actor comparison final night is an different during a NFL level; any actor could be a subsequent good Hall of Famer. But Shazier also reminded us that football is a heartless diversion that could mangle any of those earnest athletes.

Knock it off, Marchand

Every once in a while a joining has to step in to legislate something that’s not in a order book, like when a NHL adjusted a unsportsmanlike control order to take Sean Avery’s jackassery into account. Give Bruins harassment Brad Marchand credit for being a latest to force a joining to residence a conditions it never suspicion it would. 

From Sportsnet’s Elliotte Friedman

After Game 1 of a Toronto/Boston series, a Bruins got a, “We’d cite if we could tell Brad Marchand to stop beating people” phone call from a NHL.


Dee Gordon’s play-by-play of an eagle alighting on James Paxton

The video from Twins Opening Day of the eagle alighting on Mariners pitcher James Paxton was already one of my favorite moments of baseball’s initial month. Dee Gordon’s correlation of a occurrence has simply surpassed that.

Bits Pieces

This is foolish though fun—tracking Charlie Blackmon’s on-field opening by a length of his beard. … This insane lonesome his entire torso in a soccer jersey tattoo. … A male in Florida caught a trout twice as large as a state record, a whopping 120 pounds.  … This man is 70 years aged but still diving off of cliffs. … Some really wearied film museum worker must have motionless to play a fear trailer before a kids movie

The twin best-dressed breeze prospects

Alabama linebacker Rashaan Evans, who went to a Titans during No. 22, looked pointy as ruin in this flush suit. (Please note a twin championship rings, as well.)

NFL: APR 26 2018 NFL Draft

But my endowment for best-dressed of a night has to go to Iowa core James Daniels, who managed to be stylish and awfully gentle all during once.

(You can see some-more NFL breeze conform here.)

Mazel tov, Josh Rosen

It’s never as bad as we think

Avatar: The Last…


That’s a spirit, kid

My sons group is starting to check this open and was told to usually strike players who have a puck. He upheld it to a actor on a other group and afterwards strike him… from r/hockey

The Golden Knights move it again with another furious intro performance

A good song

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