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Gabby Douglas Apologizes for Comments Towards Aly Raisman: ‘I Am Deeply Sorry’

Gabby Douglas is backtracking on a critique that suggested women should dress modestly to equivocate interesting “the wrong crowd”, that she done following Aly Raisman‘s critique of plant shamers.

The three-time Olympic bullion medalist common an reparation on Twitter Friday, writing, “i didn’t rightly word my respond i am deeply contemptible for entrance off like i don’t mount alongside my teammates.”

She continued, “regardless of what we wear, abuse underneath any business is never acceptable. i am WITH you. #metoo.”

The reparation comes a few hours after she had criticized Raisman for speaking out on Instagram about a plant degrading many women endure after entrance brazen about their possess attacks.

“Just given a lady does a voluptuous photoshoot or wears a voluptuous outfit does not give a male a right to contrition her or not trust her when she comes brazen about passionate abuse,” Raisman wrote. “What is wrong with some of you? AND when a lady dresses voluptuous it does not give a male a right to intimately abuse her EVER.”

The contestant continued: “Women are authorised to feel voluptuous and gentle in their possess skin, in fact we inspire we all to wear what we feel good in. we will not put adult with any lady or lady being abashed for wanting to wear a skirt, dress, etc. we do not endure it. Are we clear? Oh and one some-more thing. STOP VICTIM SHAMING. It is given of we that so many survivors live in fear.”

Responding to her teammate, Douglas wrote in a given deleted Tweet, “however it is a shortcoming as women to dress modestly and be classy. Dressing in a provocative/sexual approach entices a wrong crowd.”

Douglas was, in turn, criticized, by many on amicable media, including from Simone Biles who wrote about her beating in Douglas in a tweet with a screenshot of Douglas’ comment.

“shocks me that I’m saying this though it doesn’t warn me…,” Biles wrote to Douglas. “honestly saying this brings me to tears bc as your teammate we approaching some-more from we to support her. we support we Aly all a other women out there! STAY STRONG.”


Raisman’s statement comes only a week after she purported in an emotional 60 Minutes interview that former USA Gymnastics group alloy Larry Nassar sexually abused her.

Raisman writes about a distress in her new book, Fierce, explaining that she was 15 years aged when she was initial treated by Nassar. She told PEOPLE that, for a prolonged time, she didn’t know that she was being abused.

“I didn’t consider we was being molested. we didn’t know,” Raisman said. “He was a doctor. we never would have suspicion that a alloy would injustice his energy so much.”

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Nassar was dismissed by USA Gymnastics in 2015 after operative with a classification given 1986, and had been a inhabitant medical coordinator given 1996, The New York Times reported. He was dismissed from Michigan State final year.

He is in jail now, confronting several charges associated to a purported abuse. In July, he pleaded guilty to 3 child publishing charges in sovereign court, ABC News reported around ESPN. In sell for Nassar’s guilty plea, U.S. prosecutors have concluded not to pursue charges in dual additional incidents of purported passionate crimes with minors. He is scheduled to be sentenced in sovereign justice on Dec. 7, according to the Lansing State Journal.

Lawyers for Nassar declined PEOPLE’s ask for comment.

In a statement Sunday, Team USA Gymnastics pronounced in part: “We are confounded by a control of that Larry Nassar is accused, and we are really contemptible that any contestant has been spoiled during her or his gymnastics career.

“Aly’s passion and regard for contestant reserve is common by USA Gymnastics. Our athletes are a priority, and we are committed to compelling an sourroundings of empowerment that encourages vocalization up, generally on formidable topics like abuse, as good a insurance of athletes during all levels via a gymnastics community.

“We are tough during work to strengthen that joining by: adopting a USA Gymnastics Safe Sport Policy; employing a new boss and arch executive officer who emphasizes empowerment via a organization; building a protected competition dialect that is building a extensive preparation devise for members; and formulating an doing devise for a recommendations done by an experienced, former sovereign prosecutor who delicately examined a organization’s past policies.”

The matter concluded: “We are committed to doing what is right, and we wish to work with Aly and all meddlesome athletes to keep athletes safe.”

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