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GE’s house was kept in a dim about Immelt’s use of a shade jet, that he says he didn’t know about: WSJ

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The law about Jeff Immelt and General Electric's corporate jets

The use of a gangling business jet by former General Electric CEO Jeff Immelt was kept from house members until only this month, The Wall Street Journal reported on Sunday — a use that reportedly drew inner inspection several years ago and that Immelt himself claims he didn’t know about.

The Journal reported that a association had tempered a backup jet’s use in mid-2014, adding that a use was in fact singular to removed locations that concerned potentially unsure travel. However, he house members were formerly unaware, several sources told a WSJ.

The conditions came to light progressing this month, after The Journal reported that Immelt, who was during a helm of GE for scarcely 20 years before being stepping down recently, infrequently employed a backup craft to follow his unchanging corporate jet on several trips around a world.

However, sources informed with a matter told CNBC a integrate of weeks ago that chronicle was an deceit of Immelt’s transport practices.

These people told CNBC it was not a unchanging use to fly, or even keep on standby, mixed planes during a same time. The sources pronounced a second craft was kept on standby on a belligerent in certain locations while Immelt was visiting for confidence purposes, or in box his GE-owned craft had automatic issues.

Last week, Immelt told The Journal that he was unknowingly of a backup jet’s use. “This is not a use we would have allowed,” he pronounced in an emailed matter to a publication.

Representatives for GE did not immediately respond to CNBC’s ask for comment.

–CNBC’s Morgan Brennan and Michael Sheetz contributed to this article.

The Journal’s full story can be found on a website.


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