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Goldman’s Tactic in Huge Malaysian Fraud Case: Smear an Ex-Partner

In December, Goldman hold an annual cooking for late partners during a Conrad Hotel in Lower Manhattan. Mr. Solomon talked about a 1MDB investigation, explaining that Goldman has robust correspondence programs though would not always be means to strengthen opposite ill-intentioned employees, according to 5 people who were there. They pronounced they were struck by Mr. Solomon’s sour tone.

Goldman’s efforts to urge itself by aggressive Mr. Leissner’s function could lift some-more questions for a bank. Some Goldman executives knew about his purported regretful relations with clients, though a bank did not intent to them until after Mr. Leissner became a aim of investigations.

Five stream and former Goldman bankers pronounced in interviews that they were wakeful of Mr. Leissner’s hard-partying repute and regretful overtures to rich women, including several who were executives during companies that were bank clients.

Joe Ravitch, a former Goldman partner who helped sinecure Mr. Leissner from Lehman Brothers in Hong Kong in 1999, pronounced it was common believe that Mr. Leissner was misbehaving. “A lot of a people that worked for me would tell me a stories about Tim being a furious man,” he said.

In one case, Goldman investigated Mr. Leissner’s attribute with a tip womanlike executive of a Malaysian media company, though a bank eventually didn’t take any movement opposite Mr. Leissner, according to a Goldman official.

In Malaysia, where Goldman itself has been criminally charged, prosecutors and comparison supervision officials are doubtful to be receptive to a bank’s explain that Mr. Leissner was a sole wolf.

The whole universe knows that their comparison executives were concerned with indiscretion and don’t feel that guilty, so we consider there needs to be some accountability,” pronounced Malaysia’s financial minister, Lim Guan Eng, in an talk on Monday. “You have to uncover genuine distress for what has happened. You contingency compensate a penalty.”

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/16/business/goldman-malaysia-1mdb-leissner.html