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Google incidentally reveals Android P competence have iPhone X-like gestures

Google is contrast a new navigation bar for Android P that looks identical to Apple’s new gesticulate and UI on a iPhone X. Google incidentally suggested a new navigation bar in an Android developers blog post (cached copy), and a association private a screenshot it posted of it in action. The new navigation bar no longer includes a multitasking button, and a core home symbol looks distant smaller and pill-shaped.

9to5Google reports that Google is contrast a new navigation bar that’s identical to a iPhone X, with a appropriate adult gesticulate that reveals a multitasking UI. It’s not transparent if a pill-like button, that looks identical to a one found on a leaked Moto X5 image, still works as a button, or is simply an identifier to appropriate adult for home like a iPhone X. Google appears to still be including a behind symbol control too, nonetheless 9to5Google reports that this usually appears in a context when a behind symbol is required.

Google’s Android P navigation bar testing

Google is usually contrast this navigation bar right now, and a association has formerly tested other navigation bar changes in past Android versions but ever shipping them. Still, Google is fully ancillary shade notches like a iPhone X or Essential Phone with a Android P update, and a new gesture-powered navigation bar would positively make it easier for Android developers to make improved use of bezel-less displays. We’re awaiting to hear a lot some-more about Android P during Google’s I/O developer discussion subsequent month.

Article source: https://www.theverge.com/2018/4/14/17238124/google-android-p-navigation-bar-gestures-screenshot-rumors