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Google Assistant on Wear OS watches is removing most some-more useful

Google’s smartwatch platform, Wear OS, is getting several updates that should make interacting with Google Assistant some-more available with watches regulating a platform.

Smart suggestions will shortly be integrated, so when we ask Google Assistant a question, it will automatically stock an array of follow-up questions that are contextual to a conversation. If we asked about a day’s weather, for example, Google Assistant will lapse that information, and afterwards advise other inquiries, like tomorrow’s weather, that can be tapped on.

Also forthcoming, if we ask Google Assistant to “tell me about my day,” it will pronounce a answer behind to we over a watch orator or by Bluetooth headphones, giving we information like your invert times and what’s on rug for a day. Previously, these answers would usually be displayed on a watch face.

Last, Google has announced that all Wear OS watches will support third-party actions with a Assistant. Actions are all a small things Google Assistant can do, built by Google, developers, publishers, and other third parties. This includes things like anticipating a print in Google Photos, or enchanting in a imagining event with Headspace. Bringing Actions to Wear OS watches means it’s super easy to do things like use a voice authority to spin on a concordant oven while unloading groceries, or check on when your subsequent sight is arriving.

Google says these new facilities will be rolling out to Wear OS by Google watches over a subsequent several days.

Article source: https://www.theverge.com/2018/5/3/17316028/google-assistant-wear-os-watches