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Google Maps plcae pity adds phone battery status

Google Maps on an iPhone.

Google Maps now records your phone’s battery life when we share your location.

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Google Maps has combined phone battery standing to a plcae pity for iOS and Android devices, permitting your contacts to see if you’ll be cut off soon.

When a plcae has been shared, you’ll see that there’s now a battery idol between a stretch and a time given a plcae was shared, as initial speckled by Android Police. This way, you’ll be means to tell if your hit is incompetent to refurbish we given their battery died.


Google Maps/Screenshot by CNET

A discerning exam reliable that a common plcae displayed a phone’s battery life accurately.

The underline has been softened given a site initial noted it in an APK teardown in February, when it usually showed a ubiquitous operation of a device’s battery life.

Google Maps combined plcae pity — permitting we to reveal your accurate plcae to a contact for a certain duration of time — in Mar 2017.

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