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Google offers even some-more income for Android bugs

The tip bug hunter in a past year perceived $75,750 for 26 disadvantage reports and 15 people perceived $10,000 or more. The normal was $2,200 per prerogative and $6,700 per researcher. “High-quality” reports — that is, those that uncover a explanation of judgment and come with a due patch — will acquire 50 percent some-more than unchanging bug submissions.

Finding and squashing these bugs could severely urge Android’s security, though participants are also speedy to news problems outward a OS. Google pronounced that some-more than a entertain of a issues were reported in formula grown and used outward of a Android Open Source Project (AOSP). “Fixing these heart and device motorist bugs helps urge confidence of a broader mobile industry,” a association pronounced in a blog post.

Offering some-more income is a good approach to get forward hackers and developers to news a vulnerabilities instead of exploiting them for antagonistic uses. Google also has identical programs for Chrome and other Google services, and has shelled out some-more than a million dollars in rewards. If we consider you’ve found an Android disadvantage and wish a cut of that honeyed payout, we can review all a details on how to join here.

Article source: https://www.engadget.com/2016/06/17/google-offers-even-more-money-for-android-bugs/