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Google shows off Android P’s gesticulate navigation, fast deletes image

It looks like Google usually leaked a vital new underline of Android P in a blog post. The post, that recaps a confidence feature, contained a screenshot of a DNS settings with a navigation bar that we hadn’t seen before. The reason from a gossip indent is that this is Android’s arriving iPhone X-style gesticulate navigation.

The full-size Google screenshot.

The navigation bar in Google’s screenshot is zero like what we see on Android today. The blue tone intrigue indicates that a phone is using a Pixel theme, so a behind symbol should be plain white. Instead, it’s rendered in a aged vale style. The home symbol is a tablet figure instead of circular. The Recent Apps button, that is routinely a square, is totally missing.

After talking it out with a Android Twitter crew, 9to5Google’s Stephen Hall pronounced he’s listened from sources that this is “100 percent” Android gesticulate navigation and that a behind symbol is ostensible to censor itself. If we clean out a behind symbol from this design and call a pill-shaped home symbol a gesticulate indicator, we have something that looks accurately like a iPhone X‘s gesticulate navigation system. In Google’s screenshot, a dialog box is open, so a speculation is that in this (in-development, subject-to-change) build of Android, a behind symbol pops adult usually when a dialog box is open and a symbol would routinely disappear.

This isn’t a initial time we’ve seen justification that gesticulate navigation is on a way. Android P facilities a new plane shifting animation when we navigate from screen-to-screen in an app, that would line adult good with a swipe-to-go-back navigation gesture.

About 30 mins after a post went up, it was updated with a new picture that cropped out a navigation bar. For now, a original, uncropped picture is still on Google’s servers here.

Article source: https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2018/04/google-shows-off-android-ps-gesture-navigation-quickly-deletes-image/