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Google’s goo.gl couple cutting use is being close down and transposed with FDL

Link cutting is something we literally do during slightest once a day and it’s always goo.gl that we use. Now, Google is creation a pierce to close down a goo.gl link cutting use to combine on FDL. According to Google, Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL) are smarter URL’s that approach users to any plcae in mobile apps. FDL should also not be deliberate a approach deputy to goo.gl as it is usually profitable to developers.

To refocus a efforts, we’re branch down support for goo.gl over a entrance weeks and replacing it with Firebase Dynamic Links (FDL). FDLs are intelligent URLs that concede we to send existent and intensity users to any plcae within an iOS, Android or web app. We’re vehement to grow and urge a product going forward. While many facilities of goo.gl will eventually sunset, all existent links will continue to route to a dictated destination.

Google says consumers can use FDL though also suggest services such as Bitly and Ow.ly. From a looks of it, FDL is going to concentration some-more on developer use than consumer use. After Mar 30, 2019, all goo.gl links will route scrupulously though will not be migrated to FDL though we will be means to trade a data. Also, Apr 13, 2018, is a day we will no longer be means to emanate goo.gl links.

Starting Apr 13, 2018, unknown users and users who have never combined brief links before currently will not be means to emanate new brief links around a goo.gl console. If we are looking to emanate new brief links, we suggest we use Firebase Dynamic Links or check out renouned services like Bitly and Ow.ly as an alternative.

If we have existent goo.gl brief links, we can continue to use all facilities of goo.gl console for a duration of one year, until Mar 30, 2019, when we will pause a console. You can conduct all your brief links and their analytics by a goo.gl console during this period.

URL Shortener has been a good apparatus that we’re unapproachable to have built. As we demeanour towards a future, we’re vehement about a possibilities of Firebase Dynamic Links, quite when it comes to energetic height showing and links that tarry a app designation process. We wish we are too!

What do we consider of Google’s move? How mostly do we use a couple cutting service? Let us know in a comments next or on Google+, Twitter, or Facebook.

  Source: Google

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Article source: https://techaeris.com/2018/03/31/googles-goo-gl-link-shortening/