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Gordon Robinson | Gullible’s Travels

The Old Ball and Chain and we trafficked scarcely distant recently.

On Nov 26, we updated passports and visas and trafficked to Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre (not Old BC’s inspiration) for a initial annual Ska-Rocksteady Festival. She positive me she’d relax and enjoy. we believed. “Ouch, stop! [Old BC fighting me for a computer] HELP!”

Old BC: Old Grey Balls spinning his approach out of a law given he loves internal song so much. It’s a spectacle we reached anywhere given there was NO SECURITY; no signs; nobody to approach trade or parking. When we finally found a theatre shortly after a advertised start, a reason for a deficiency of confidence became apparent (only 10 other patrons). More people eventually showed up.

Ladies, we know what WE contingency find as we strech anywhere like this, so while Old GB scouted for food, we legalised a ‘facilities’. Pure Porta-Potty! So, we know who drank NOTHING all night! Anyway, a song was good. Derrick Morgan stole a show.

She can contend whatever. The uncover was underpromoted, though a good initial effort. For me, Leroy Sibbles is still Jamaica’s best live entertainer, and he valid it.

Six days earlier, we trafficked even serve to MoBay given Old BC’s ‘baby’ (‘Sputnik’), who works there, indispensable surgery. She positive me her participation was essential. we believed. Okay, call me gullible. She requisitioned us into Half Moon, though we stayed during Cornwall Regional (CRH) where she scrubbed in; supervised a surgeons; took assign of a handling theatre; and a initial 24 hours of post-op care.

She was IMPOSSIBLE to live with for dual days, scarcely requiring hospitalisation for extreme ‘fretration’. She eventually conceded her ‘baby’ would live and we spent Tuesday dusk during a hotel, culminating with a pretentious cooking during Jamaica’s excellent grill and best kept secret, a Sugar Mill.

Old BC: Him can LIE, yuh see! Of course, we worried, as any mom would with a son underneath ubiquitous anaesthetic, though I’ve good reason. Our eldest had elective medicine (1998) and most died post-op after aspirating into his lungs and being found nonchalant in his room. He’s excellent now.

All Old GB did

was complain. He complained about watchful during CRH! Why, during his age and stage, was he eating bun and cheese for breakfast? Why’d Nick need me post-surgery? we suspicion I’d married Archie Bunker.




Anyway, a million interjection to shining surgeons, Drs Barbara Grandison and Selbourne Hemmings; anaesthetist Dr Banu and ALL a nurses who took special caring of my baby for me. At Half Moon, we were greeted by ever-present Anglin (in his 50th year), who uniformly staid us into a favourite sauna suite. Old friends Everett and Basil done us feel during home. we beheld new orchids during a opening and pleasing powerful bougainvilleas outward a lobby; told Everett we desired them, so he immediately called ‘Man-a-Yard’ Wordsworth Watson, OD (allegedly “on leave”). Mr Watson betrothed to take photos of him, me and a flowers together.

Heroes Weekend, we trafficked to Melia Braco (not Old BC’s idea) for Merritone’s annual reunion. She betrothed to relax and enjoy. we believed. ‘Gullible’ is now my center name. Legendary selector Winston Blake was unavoidably absent, though Monte (with Mikey Thomson) constructed quintessential Merritone Friday night-Saturday morning. Monte and Craig Ross delivered Saturday night. My low-pitched prominence came Sunday morning when Floridian ‘Junior Cyrus’, an old-school practitioner, played particularly vinyl.

Old BC: Notice him combine pon de music? The third-floor room was too distant divided and a service, solely for Jason, as good as anyone, common to unfriendly. Mark you, Braco was entirely requisitioned for a event, so staff could’ve been stretched.

My favourite Merritone weekend impulse was quickly joining with Braco’s HR director, a pleasing and gifted Ann-Marie Burke. Seeing her evoked a inundate of memories of her late good father, my crony William ‘Vunnie’ Isaacs, PNP brave and lifetime Dodgers fan. During a politically flighty 1980s, ‘normal’ was saying Vunnie and his friend, Hugh Shearer, together during Terra Nova (where Vunnie ‘owned’ a table) for breakfast and again during Jade Garden for lunch. Thus, notwithstanding a volatility, lines of accessible communication were maintained. Vunnie’s father, Wills O. Isaacs, another mythological Comrade, famously addressed a 1959 choosing rally: “May my eyes tumble from my face and hit like bone bones if we don’t reduce a cost of living!”

BTW, Vunnie, Cubs degraded a Dodgers in 2016’s NLCS and won a World Series for a initial time given 1908. Billy Goats, be damned!

Peace and love.

• Gordon Robinson is an attorney-at-law. Email feedback to columns@gleanerjm.com.

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