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Hajj’s final day shadowed by grief

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(CNN)What should be a day of jubilee is now gradual by grief as millions of Muslims symbol a final day of Hajj but hundreds of associate worshippers.

It’s ostensible to be a day of elation, a finish of an annual debate to Mecca that many wait their whole lives for.

But this year’s Hajj is injured by a deaths of during slightest 717 people, killed in a bolt nearby a holy city of Mecca.

Saudi officials contend they’re questioning what caused hundreds of pilgrims to get trampled Thursday.

Among a suggested causes: rushing to finish a rituals, impassioned heat, throngs of worshippers pulling conflicting one another in conflicting directions, even difficulty among a many first-timers on a annual Islamic pilgrimage.

Here’s a latest on what we know: