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Has politics in a UK turn too divisive and toxic?

There is startle and annoy in a UK after MP Jo Cox was shot and stabbed in a streets on Thursday.

Her father has called on people to “fight opposite a loathing that killed her”, and echoed a view listened opposite a domestic spectrum, that she “believed in a improved universe and fought for it bland of her life”.

Early reports advise her murdering might have been politically motivated.

Witnesses reported conference a gunman scream “Britain First” – a name of a far-right anti-immigration organization in a UK.

The organization has distanced itself from a attack.

But has an increasingly antagonistic discuss about immigration and Britain’s place in a European Union combined a conditions that led to Thursday’s attack?

Presenter: Folly Bah Thibault


Matthew Feldman – Professor of History during Teesside University

Richard Ensor – Deputy News Editor during The Economist

Sunny Hundal – Journalist and Blogger who focuses on counter-terrorism and temperament politics

Source: Al Jazeera

Article source: http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/insidestory/2016/06/politics-uk-divisive-toxic-160617184301738.html