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Here’s a memo Apple CEO Tim Cook sent to employees after attack $1 trillion

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Apple CEO Tim Cook greets guest during a grand opening of Apple's Chicago flagship store on Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois. 

Apple CEO Tim Cook pronounced on Thursday that a iPhone maker’s $1 trillion marketplace capitalization was “not a many critical measure” of a company’s success though was instead a outcome of a concentration on a products, business and association values.

In a memo to Apple’s some-more than 120,000 employees, Cook called a gratefulness a “significant milestone” that gave a association “much to be unapproachable of.” But he pronounced it should not be a Cupertino, California, company’s focus.

Here’s a full memo, that was performed by CNBC:


Today Apple upheld a poignant milestone. At a shutting share cost of $207.39, a batch marketplace now values Apple during some-more than $1 trillion. While we have many to be unapproachable of in this achievement, it’s not a many critical magnitude of a success. Financial gain are simply a outcome of Apple’s innovation, putting a products and business first, and always staying loyal to a values.

It’s you, a team, that creates Apple good and a success is due to your tough work, loyalty and passion. we am deeply shamed by what we do, and it’s a payoff of a lifetime to work alongside you. we wish to appreciate we from a bottom of my heart for all a late hours and additional trips, all a times we exclude to settle for anything reduction than value in a work together.

Let’s take this impulse to appreciate a customers, a suppliers and business partners, a Apple developer community, a coworkers and all those who came before us during this conspicuous company.

Steve founded Apple on a faith that a energy of tellurian creativity can solve even a biggest hurdles — and that a people who are crazy adequate to consider they can change a universe are a ones who do. In today’s world, a goal is some-more critical than ever. Our products not usually emanate moments of warn and delight, they commission people all around a creation to heighten their lives and a lives of others.

Just as Steve always did in moments like this, we should all demeanour brazen to Apple’s splendid destiny and a good work we’ll do together.


Apple became a initial publicly listed U.S. association to strech $1 trillion in marketplace value Thursday, violence out e-commerce hulk Amazon in a closely watched race.

The batch upheld a ancestral threshold after posting a clever gain news for a mercantile third quarter. As of Thursday’s close, Apple had gained scarcely 9 percent given a quarterly news after a bell Tuesday. The batch now accounts for 4 percent of a SP 500.

Apple was founded in a late 1970s by Steve Jobs and went open in 1980 after assisting chaperon in a epoch of a personal computer. One of 3 founders, Jobs was driven out of Apple in a mid-1980s, usually to lapse a decade after and rescue a mechanism association from nearby bankruptcy.

In a dual decades since, Apple has risen to turn a many profitable association in a universe by assisting popularize nonetheless another epoch in computing, a intelligent phone. The iPhone, introduced by Jobs in 2007, has sole some-more than one billion units.

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