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Honor Flag Travels To Colorado for Unprecedented 5th Time

The U.S. Honor Flag has never trafficked to a same state so many times in such a brief volume of time.

Wednesday’s horrific and lethal sharpened in Park County, will once again move a U.S. Honor dwindle to Colorado for an rare fifth time in reduction than a year.

“It is impossibly hapless for such a pleasing state to have that eminence of carrying a dwindle there so mostly in a duration of underneath 11 months,” owner Chris Heisler said.

The U.S. Honor Flag was flown over Ground Zero after a 9/11 attacks. Since then, it travels all over a nation to respect depressed law coercion officers.

The dwindle is managed by a Honor Network. Heisler pronounced a trips to Colorado are shocking and distinct any other state..

In a final 3 months, 12 uniformed Colorado law coercion officers have been shot in a line of avocation which includes a 6 officers shot during a conflict during Planned Parenthood.

“It’s a reverence that has to be finished and it’s unfortunately too common for that good state,” Heisler said.


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