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How a Growing Rift With Canada Is Unfolding in China

—Robert Lloyd Schellenberg skeleton to interest after being sentenced to genocide for drug smuggling this week in China, amid a deepening tactful difference between Canada and China.

—The 18-year-old who fled Saudi Arabia is prepared to knowledge life as a teen in Canada. She’s reduction certain about a cold.

—Violent disaster footage used in a Netflix film “Bird Box” competence have looked like picturesque C.G.I. But a scenes were real footage from a 2013 rail blast that killed 47 people in Lac-Mégantic, Quebec.

—In a uncover of classical Canadian niceness, a country’s atmosphere trade controllers sent pizza to their American counterparts, who are operative but compensate during a U.S. supervision shutdown.

—Now in a fifth season, Schitt’s Creek is light, loopy and feel-good in a best probable ways, writes radio censor Margaret Lyons of a Canadian sitcom.

—How is glacier detriment inspiring a hundreds of millions of people who count on them for water? See a impact in Kazakhstan, in overwhelming detail.

—An orca pod that done headlines after a mom whale carried her passed calf for 17 days has another new baby. This calf looks healthy so distant — and it could be a salvation for a group.

—It’s mid-January, and your Marie Kondo-inspired organizing efforts have come adult short. It competence be time to call on a pros.

—Most of a couples in a immature penguin cluster weren’t really earnest relatives — with dual exceptions. Sphen and Magic, the happy penguins of Sydney’s aquarium, are now lifting a chicky of their own.

Article source: https://www.nytimes.com/2019/01/18/world/canada/canada-china-rift.html