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How Did Kendall Jenner & Blake Griffin Meet? The Reported Couple May Have Been Set Up By Famous Friends

It’s been a tiny some-more than 7 months given they were initial speckled out together, but now that a existence star-turned-supermodel (kind of) non-stop adult to Vogue about her maybe-boyfriend, fans competence be wondering how Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin met. In a talk published on Mar 14, Vogue spoke to Jenner after Valentine’s Day, and asked her if she had a boyfriend. While she refused to hold any specific details, she did discuss that she was job a contributor while “visiting a friend” in Michigan — that is where Griffin, a energy brazen for a Detroit Pistons, happens to be based.

“I like my private life,” Jenner told Vogue. “Yeah… no. I’m happy. He’s unequivocally nice,” she pronounced yet fixing a name. “I have someone being unequivocally good to me.”

Since Jenner and Griffin have been super tight-lipped about their are-they-or-aren’t-they status, it’s tough to contend for certain how they initial crossed paths. Based on some of their beginning outings, however, it seems as if they might have creatively been set-up by friends — and, if Jenner’s comments to Vogue in February are any indication, they are still being unequivocally good to any other.

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Rumors about Jenner and Griffin creatively started swirling after they were speckled hanging out during a Hollywood club in early Aug 2017, according to TMZ. That same week, TMZ snapped them leaving a imagination restaurant, with any of them hopping in apart cars.

Paparazzi held Jenner and Griffin going out to dinner again on Aug. 31, 2017, TMZ and E! both reported. They were assimilated by Jenner’s crony Hailey Baldwin and Griffin’s associate NBA friend Chandler Parsons, who a TMZ source pronounced were not dating in a Jun 2017 report, yet were usually friends.

OK, bear with me here: Baldwin, as many Kardashian-Jenner fans substantially know, has been friends with both Kendall and Kylie Jenner for years. Parsons, a tiny brazen for a Memphis Grizzlies, and Baldwin were spotted unresolved out by TMZ behind in Jun 2017. Parsons and Griffin palled around a ton that summer, yet Griffin was reportedly still intent to associate athlete, and mom of his dual children, Brynn Cameron.

It wasn’t until Sept. 7, 2017, however, that a source told Us Weekly that Griffin and Cameron had indeed split behind in July. So, if Baldwin and Parsons were unresolved out over a summer, and Parsons and Griffin were unresolved out over a same summer, and Griffin separate with his fiancé around July, afterwards it’s substantially protected to contend that given Griffin and Jenner were initial snapped together in August, they were expected initial introduced by… Baldwin and Parsons. Phew.

Again, nothing of this has been reliable by any of a parties concerned (and substantially never will be judging by Jenner’s Vogue profile), yet it kind of creates sense, right?

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Jenner and Griffin have solemnly eased into a open eye together over a final several months, and Jenner told Vogue that’s a approach she likes to play it when it comes to dating. While commenting on rumors that she is gay, she said, “I consider it’s since I’m not like all my other sisters, who are like, ‘Here’s me and my boyfriend!’ So it was a thing for a notation since no one ever saw me with a guy.” She continued, “I would always go that additional mile to be low-key with guys, unctuous around all a time. You don’t wish to, like, demeanour crazy.”

In a end, though, we might never know how or when Jenner and Griffin initial met. (But, hey, Kendall: Can we send me a pointer if my arrogance is spot-on?) The usually thing that unequivocally matters is that they’re both happy, and that whoever is “being unequivocally nice” to Jenner keeps doing usually that.

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