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How “I’m a King of a World!” Happened: Inside Titanic’s Historic Oscar Haul

Awards deteriorate was easier 20 years ago—there weren’t awards bloggers
and problematic critics’ groups to woo. The plan for Fox and Paramount
was only to get a film to Academy members, who rewarded it with
nominations in 14 categories, including for singer Kate Winslet,
supporting singer Gloria Stuart, composer James Horner, and
cinematographer Russell Carpenter. The other cinema nominated for best
picture that year were As Good as It Gets, The Full Monty, Good Will
and L.A. Confidential, a clever brew of dramas and comedies with
sharp essay and enchanting performances, though Titanic had something the
others didn’t, a range that reminded a attention of a kind of movies
it used to make. “Titanic was a kind of big, epic, old-style
Hollywood film that combined this town, and it employed tons of people,”
said Tony Angellotti, an awards strategist who was advising on Miramax’s
campaign for Good Will Hunting that year.

There was, however, one vivid repudiation in a film’s Oscar prospects:
DiCaprio, whose attract had been such a pivotal partial of attracting a film’s
avid womanlike audience, was snubbed for a nomination. Hundreds of outraged
fans began job a Academy, and Roger Ebert and Gene Siskel devoted
a shred of their show, At a Movies, to a oversight. DiCaprio, who
had been nominated during age 19 for 1993’s What’s Eating Gilbert Grape,
would finish adult skipping a telecast.

By Oscar day, Titanic was in a 14th week of release, good on a way
to apropos a highest-grossing film of all time before another
Cameron movie, 2009’s Avatar, eventually eclipsed it. Audiences around
the universe were still enjoying a good cry about Rose and Jack’s tragic
boat ride; “My Heart Will Go On,” a young Celine Dion strain that ends
the film, was inevitable on a radio (and would go on to win an
original-song Oscar); and Cameron’s cinematic imagery had turn so
synonymous with intrigue that cruise-ship lines were ceaselessly having
to mislay passengers from a bows of their ships.

Above, a predestine of a R.M.S. *Titanic*. Inset, Winslet, Frances Fisher, and Billy Zane in a stage from a film.

Above, a predestine of a R.M.S. Titanic. Inset, Winslet, Frances Fisher, and Billy Zane in a stage from a film.

But Cameron still hadn’t exhaled. And on a building of a Shrine during
the Oscar telecast he got into a screaming compare with—of all a 1990s
Hollywood characters—Harvey Weinstein. The brawl was over how the
Miramax executive had mishandled Mimic, a film done by Cameron’s friend
Guillermo del Toro. “Harvey came adult glad-handing me, articulate about how
great [Miramax] was for a artist, and we only review him section and
verse about how good we suspicion he was for a artist formed on my
friend’s experience, and that led to an altercation,” Cameron said.
“The song had started to play to get behind in a seats. The people
around us were saying, ‘Not here! Not here!’ Like it was O.K. to fight
in a parking lot, though it was not O.K. there when a song was playing
and they were about to go live.”

“The heads of all a studios were [at a premiere]. we consider [they] came to see us get buried,” pronounced Bill Mechanic.

By a time a best-picture Oscar was announced, Landau had his doubts.
“I remember meditative in my head, Oh boy, L.A. Confidential got more
applause in a room than we did,” he said. When Titanic won, it was
like a valve was opened. “Titanic was a film wrought with pressure
throughout, from a prolongation by a release. That night marked
the initial time a vigour was carried in two-plus years.”

Cameron’s best-director debate did not land a approach he’d hoped—the
audience in a Shrine interpreted his merriment as obnoxiousness,
which he satisfied as shortly as he saw a demeanour on presenter Warren
Beatty’s face. “His countenance was like, ‘What a fuck were you
thinking?,’ ” Cameron recalled.

A few months after a Oscars, Mechanic had lunch with Cameron to see if
the executive was prepared to get behind to work on his subsequent film. During the
making of Titanic, a dual had been underneath encircle and mostly during contingency as the
studio executive’s mercantile responsibilities and a director’s artistic
ambitions clashed. Cameron sealed a Titanic print for Mechanic, which
still hangs in a producer’s bureau today. “We survived,” Cameron

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