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How is China’s media stating the mercantile slowdown?

China’s mercantile slack is title news around a world, with readers intrigued by a ongoing trade fight with a United States.

But how is it being reported in China’s state media?

Gross domestic product (GDP)

Why it is important: This is a title figure generally noticed as a barometer for a altogether health of an economy. It is ordinarily described as “economic growth”.

The fact: China’s economy grew during 6.6 per cent in 2018, a slowest expansion rate given 1990. It slowed from 6.9 per cent in 2017.

How was it reported in China?

People’s Daily

Headline: Exceeded 90 trillion yuan! China’s economy reached new heights

Excerpt: “The estimated distance of China’s GDP in 2018 was 90.0309 trillion yuan, surpassing a ancestral symbol of 90 trillion yuan for a initial time, and remaining a second largest in a world. The annual expansion rate of China’s GDP was 6.6 per cent in 2018, achieving a expansion idea of 6.5 per cent. The Chinese economy contributed scarcely 30 per cent of tellurian mercantile growth, and continued to be a largest writer to tellurian growth.”

What did a unfamiliar press say?

Australian Financial Review

Headline: China’s economy faces a toughest year in some-more than a decade

Excerpt: “China’s economy faces a toughest year in some-more than a decade with some economists warning loyal expansion will tumble as low as 4 per cent as deteriorating consumer confidence, a negligence production sector, and Donald Trump’s tariffs take their fee on Australia’s biggest trade partner.”

Birth rate

Why it is important: Fears over a descending birth rate feed into long-term anxieties about China’s changeable demographics. An ageing race with fewer people in a workforce is noticed as carrying disastrous implications for a economy.

The fact: New births in China fell to 15.23 million final year, a lowest given China loose a one-child process in 2014. This is down from 17.86 million in 2016 and 17.23 million in 2017, according to central data.

How was it reported in China?

Xinhua News Agency

Headline: China’s race is still in a comparatively fast duration of growth

Excerpt: “Li [Xiru, conduct of a race and practice statistics dialect during a National Bureau of Statistics, or NBS] pronounced a ‘comprehensive two-child policy’ has played a certain purpose in lifting a flood level, a series of second babies has mostly equivalent a impact from disappearing numbers of initial innate children.

“He combined that China still has a demographic dividend, with sufficient work resources, even yet a operative age race has declined and a race is ageing.”

What did a unfamiliar press say?

The Irish Times

Headline: China’s birth rate falls to lowest spin in 60 years

Excerpt: “The series of babies innate in China forsaken to a lowest spin in roughly 60 years in 2018, a pointer a birth rate is negligence in a world’s many populous republic notwithstanding efforts to inspire some-more children. “

“The race information adds to flourishing concerns about a world’s second largest economy. The Chinese economy grew by a slowest rate given a 2009 financial predicament during a final quarter, as a supervision deals with an ongoing trade fight with a US and high levels of debt.”


Why it is important: Keeping a jobless rate in China low is a pivotal priority for a supervision in Beijing, given that mass pursuit waste could lead to amicable unrest.

The fact: China’s surveyed stagnation rate in civic areas stood during 4.9 per cent in Dec 2018, 0.1 per cent reduce than in Dec of a prior year, according to information from a NBS.

Another metric of unemployment, a purebred jobless rate, was totalled during 3.8 per cent during a finish of 2018.

How was it reported in China?


Headline: New changes in China’s practice – review about China’s annual mercantile achievements

Excerpt: “China’s pursuit marketplace confirmed a fast expansion over a final year. The series of new jobs in civic areas strike a record high, boosting mercantile expansion and underpinning amicable stability. The practice conditions was softened interjection to improved mercantile fundamentals. Over a past year, a structure of a Chinese economy continued to urge while a peculiarity and potency kept rising, generating some-more jobs, stabilising employment, and pushing a optimisation of pursuit quality.”

What did a unfamiliar press say?

The Diplomat (US)

Headline: China’s slack is starting to strike where it hurts: Employment

Excerpt: “The flourishing downward vigour on China’s domestic economy has done a practice conditions quite grim.”

“The existence confirms a grave practice conditions in China. The internet attention is experiencing a downturn during a moment. Baidu, Alibaba, and Tencent, China’s internet giants, are a fascinating place for jobseekers. But given September, a news of Alibaba scaling behind a campus recruitment programme has caused an conflict on a internet. At a same time, news widespread that Baidu and JD.com have stopped amicable recruitment and that Tencent will lay off about 6,000 of a staff.”


Why it is important: China has, given Jul 2018, been intent in a tit-for-tat tariff fight with a United States. Trade data, that measures a country’s exports and imports, is therefore keenly watched.

The fact: In December, sum exports fell to US$221.25 billion, down 1.4 per cent from Nov and 4.4 per cent from a same month in 2017, according to information from China’s General Administration of Customs.

However, altogether Chinese exports for 2018 were a largest in 7 years and a trade over-abundance with a US reached a record high, increased by clever gains in a initial half of a year and a effects of sequence front-loading in a second half.

Both of these information were expelled during a same time.

How was it reported in China?

Xinhua News Agency:

Headline: Exceeded 30 trillion yuan! China’s unfamiliar trade volume strike a record high in 2018

Excerpt: “China’s unfamiliar trade volume reached a record high in 2018, augmenting 9.7 per cent from a prior rise posted in 2017.”

“The nation is approaching to keep a position as a world’s largest merchant of goods, pronounced Li Kuiwen, orator for China’s etiquette administration. Li pronounced a Chinese supervision had taken effective measures in final year to support a fast expansion of unfamiliar trade and is coping with low changes in a outmost situation. ‘Foreign trade stays fast and has seen advances,’ he said.

What did a unfamiliar press say?

The Japan Times

Headline: Chinese exports in Dec engaged a many in dual years, lifting risks for tellurian economy

Excerpt: “China’s exports suddenly fell a many in dual years in December, while imports also contracted, indicating to serve debility in a world’s second-largest economy in 2019 and deteriorating tellurian demand. Adding to policymakers’ worries, information on Monday also showed China posted a biggest trade over-abundance with a United States on record in 2018, that could prompt US President Donald Trump to spin adult a feverishness on Beijing in their sour trade dispute.”

Retail sales

Why it is important: As China attempts to change a expansion indication from one that is powered by trade, investment and infrastructure, to one built on domestic consumption, these total are a barometer of how that process pierce is progressing.

The fact: The annual sell sales of consumer products grew 9.0 per cent in 2018, slower than a expansion rate for 2017, that was 10.2 per cent.

How was it reported in China?

Xinhua News Agency

Headline: Building a absolute home market, how consumer spending spurs mercantile growth.

Excerpt: “China’s annual sell sales changed above a 38 trillion yuan symbol in 2018, reaffirming a position of consumer spending as a primary engine for a mercantile growth. Final output expenditure contributed 76.2 per cent of GDP expansion final year, adult 18.6 commission points on 2017.”

“Consumer spending has been a series one pushing force of mercantile expansion for 5 uninterrupted years, surpassing investment and exports. Consumers are spending some-more on services, that will make a distance of a consumer marketplace incomparable and ascent a marketplace structure.”

What did a unfamiliar press say?

The Guardian (UK)

Headline: Cautious consumers feel a splash as Chinese economy slows

Excerpt: “For a many businesses that count on a spending energy of China’s center class, winter has already arrived. After decades of breakneck growth, a world’s second largest economy is negligence down, and Chinese consumers are feeling a pinch.”

Article source: https://www.scmp.com/economy/china-economy/article/2185437/chinas-economy-reached-new-heights-how-slowdown-being-reported