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How Japan sees China’s island-building ‘problem’

That problem, however, doesn’t aver threats of force, he said, reiterating his government’s calls to solve a disputes by “peaceful dialogue.”

“We will work to inspire them in that way,” he said.

Sugiyama was in New York on Wednesday and assimilated former Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd in a contention during a Asia Society about Japan’s elaborating confidence stance, and Tokyo’s considerations about several geopolitical problems.

When pulpy on China by Rudd, a Japanese diplomat emphasized mercantile concerns rather than troops ones.

Beijing is seeking to conduct a negligence economy and to contend inner stability, perplexing by several means to revoke sensitivity in a banking and a batch markets.

“The stream conditions of a Chinese economy is not good for anybody,” Sugiyama said. “If this kind of trend does continue, it’s not a matter usually for China: Of march it contingency be a large headache, it contingency be, for Chinese leadership, though it’s a matter for a general village as a whole.”

Shinsuke pronounced his government’s elemental concentration concerning China is how to “let them be intent serve (with a general community) so that their economy is going to retreat and to get better.”

China reported in Jan that a 2015 GDP expansion came in during 6.9 percent, though some experts contend a tangible figure is expected reduction than 4 percent.

Article source: http://www.cnbc.com/2016/02/03/how-japan-sees-chinas-island-building-problem.html